what if the words in a book could take you to another place - literally?
Chapter Three ~ Leylina
“Leylina,” she said under her breath as she ran her hands along the old, cave wall. “Interesting name, mine is.”
She often talked to herself at this hour. Usually, people associate talking to themselves as a sign of madness - but Leylina thought of loneliness when she thought of talking to herself.
“People are given voices for a reason,” she continued on. “What’s the point if we can’t use them? Why bother?”
She walked over to the table in the middle of the cave and picked up a piece of glass that was sitting in the centre of it. Careful not to cut herself, she raised the glass until it was at eye level. She stared at her reflection.
Long, silky blonde hair, eyes that shimmered like water as a stone skims its surface, pale, flawless skin, and hands as delicate as china is what she saw in the glass as she gazed at it.
Suddenly, the shriek of a bird echoed along the walls of the cave as a raven swooped inside and perched at Leylina’s shoulder. She laughed, and her laughter sounded like waves softly landing on the shore of a beach.
“Hello, there,” she smiled, and touched the raven’s soft feathers. “How do you do? I see that there is no need for me to talk to myself any longer, for I have you, my friend.”
The young woman picked a charm off the table. It had a wooden carving on it, in the shape of a raven. Pretty beads decorated the string which it hung off.
“It looks like you, doesn’t it?” Leylina smiled. “A graceful raven in flight. My father gave it to me, before he disappeared. He said it was to symbolise our home, where we live. You see, there are so many ravens here. People always complain about them, but I think they give a certain beauty to the place. Nobody knows why there are so many, either. Mystery and beauty are two wondrous things.”
She waved her hand over the charm, and it glowed like a blue fire. The raven cawed and Leylina sighed.
“They say that the ravens were summoned by a sorcerer. By a performer of magic. No one acknowledges magic as a good thing here,” Leylina put the charm down, and the glowing ceased. “If they knew I could do some of the things I can, they would say I was a cursed princess, and send me...who knows where? Perhaps to death. People in the kingdom see magic as a threat,” She stroked the raven’s feathers. “But my parents named me Leylina. In the Ancient Language, Leylina translates to ‘a dangerous beauty,’ kind of like fire, you know? Fire is such a wonderful thing, yet can send you so easily to your doom.”
Leylina sat down and rested against the cave wall.
“I wonder how soon someone shall discover this place. I wonder what will happen. I hope no one ever finds it,” she gazed at the entrance. “I was drawn to this cave, dear raven. I could sense magic in the atmosphere when I came down here. I have known for a long time of my powers, but when I came down here, into this cave, my powers were the strongest they have ever been.
“I wonder if there are any others who share my abilities. If so, I wish to consult them, ask them what it means. But however I can’t. I must keep this concealed. I must keep this a secret: just between you and me, dear raven.”

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