what if the words in a book could take you to another place - literally?
Chapter Five ~ Tasmin
Tasmin lay in bed. But she couldn’t sleep. There was one thought - an idea - that was lingering in her mind. And she couldn’t get rid of it.
Is it possible to get stuck inside a story?
What if she was inside a book, but instead of automatically taking herself out of it, got stuck inside?
Tasmin slept uneasily that night.
She dreamt of her mother when she finally got to sleep.
She dreamt of her soft hands, of the way they had held the teacup as she drank. The way she had crossed her leg over the other every time she sat down.
The way she would say “good night” as if it were a song. The way her smile would - that was funny. Tasmin couldn’t remember her mother’s smile. She couldn’t remember how the corners of her mouth curved upwards, or if any dimples appeared on her cheeks. That was strange...
Tasmin woke up gasping for breath. She felt like she was choking. Choking on the memories she had of her mother. Tears streamed down her cheeks.
Get ahold of yourself, Tasmin. She told herself. Stop crying. Just stop.
But she couldn’t stop. The tears just kept coming. Why couldn’t she remember her mother’s smile? It was like a vital part of her was missing - like a lung or kidney. It was meant to be there, but it was lost. It was missing.
Beep. Beep. Beep.
Tasmin groaned and slammed down on the alarm button of her clock. She felt her pillow. It was damp.
She quickly got dressed into her uniform and went down the stairs. She could smell burnt toast from the kitchen. Tori was in a bathrobe and making waffles at the bench.
“Good morning,” she said, smiling at Tasmin.
“Hi,” she replied, weakly. “Do you know where Dad is?”
“He should be down in a sec, hon,” Tori told her. “But in the meantime - you wanna waffle?”
“No, thanks,” Tasmin said, attempting a smile. “I’m not that hungry.”
Tori frowned and sat down next to Tasmin at the kitchen table.
“What’s up, Tasmin?” She asked.
“I can tell somethings wrong.”
“You refused a waffle.” Tori said. “Nobody refuses my waffles. Ever.”
Tasmin almost laughed. But if she had, it would’ve been out of politeness.
“Not to mention that look on your face. Rough night?” Tori started doing some washing at the sink.
“Yeah. I guess you could say that.”
“Schoolwork stressing you out, huh?”
“No. No, school’s fine,”
“Then why did you have a rough night, hon?”
“I don’t know. Just one of those nights,” Tasmin said, signalling that the conversation was over.
She understood that Tori was just trying to be kind, and trying to warm towards Tasmin, but all of her questions made her feel comfortable. She wasn’t sure why Tori wanted to know every single detail of Tasmin’s life.
Tasmin’s dad saved them by coming down the stairs at that moment.
“Hey,” he sang as he clomped his way down the staircase. He had a briefcase in one hand, and an empty mug in the other. “Hey Minnie,” he gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead.
“Hi, Dad,” Tasmin said back, smiling.
“Look, I have got to run,” he told Tori as he gave her a peck on the cheek. “But save me one of those waffles, okay? They look good.”
“Will do, Ed,” Tori said, laughing. “Bye!”
“See you guys later,” he called as he shut the front door behind him.
“I had better go to school,” Tasmin told Tori.
“Oh, okay - you want me to save you a waffle, too?”
“Nah - it’s okay.”
Tasmin went up the stairs and grabbed her schoolbag. As she was walking out the door, her forehead collided with another one.
“Ow!” shrieked a familiar voice. “Dude, what - ?”
“Michael! Get out of my room!” Tasmin shoved her brother into the hallway. “What were you doing in there?”
“I...thought it was the bathroom,” he said, rubbing his head.
“You idiot,” Tasmin said under her breath and crossing her arms over her chest.
“Hey! I have a valid excuse!”
“And what is that?” Tasmin demanded.
“Well, for one - anyone would mistake your room for the bathroom ‘cause it smells so bad, and two: It’s Friday morning!”
“Whatever,” Tasmin pushed past her brother and slung the bag over one shoulder. “See you later!”

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