what if the words in a book could take you to another place - literally?
Chapter Seven ~ Tasmin
Sometimes days go by in a blur. Other times they don’t. It’s amazing how time can become so slow and steady at points in your life, and then they can speed up to a rapid, undesirable rate.
Someone shoved Tasmin accidentally with their shoulder, forcing her into a locker door. The hallway was always busy at this time - it was Friday, and the end of last period. Tasmin could hardly hear herself think, the corridor was so alive with voices. Everyone was talking about what they were doing on the weekend, presumably.
She overheard a conversation with two girls who were giggling excitedly.
“Hey, what’re you gonna wear?” One of them said. “I don’t know whether I should dress up all nice’n fancy, or whether just come in casual.”
“You should come in that cute floral dress you wore to Fiona’s party. Ashton couldn’t keep his eyes off you, that night!” The other replied. “Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so much fun!”
Of course. Everyone was talking about Ashton’s party. Whoever Ashton was. It was as if the entire grade was invited.
“I couldn’t believe it when I found his note in my locker,” someone exclaimed from beside Tasmin as she was packing her books into her locker.
“I know,” another said. “I betcha anybody who’s anybody will be there.”
She suddenly found herself staring at the two people who were talking. They were looking at her, too. Her cheeks went red, and she closed her locker door. She could see them whispering in her peripheral vision.
She slung her schoolbag over one shoulder, and looked around for Thalia. She saw a mob of curly, brown hair, and walked over to it.
“Thalia,” she called, as she neared her. She spun around. She had been talking to a boy with brown hair and striking blue eyes.
“Oh, hey Taz,” she smiled.
“So,” said the boy, looking at Thalia. “You’ll be there, right?”
“Oh, yeah - um, I’ll...try and make it. You see, I have this thing...” Her voice trailed off.
“That’s okay. But - see you soon...hopefully?” He said. Tasmin felt really embarrassed. What had she butted in to?
“Yeah. Sure. See ya,” she waved at him as he walked off.
“Eh-hem,” Tasmin tried an exaggerated cough. “Er - who was that?”
“That,” Thalia said, smiling ridiculously. “Was Ashton Harvey.”
“That was Ashton?” Tasmin asked incredulously. “Was he asking you out?”
“No,” Thalia laughed. “He just came over and said hey, and I said hey, and he was like: umm so I didn’t know where your locker was, so I wrote on Natalie’s invite to bring her friends, ‘cause I know you hang out with her. So yeah. Can you make it? And I was like dying and -“
“Okay, okay,” Tasmin laughed. “I get it. So are you going to go? I mean, he really wants you to.”
“Tasmin, you know I wouldn’t do that.”
“Do what?”
“Well, I wouldn’t go without you being invited. I know you want to go.”
“What?” Tasmin was shocked. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”
“You so do! I can see that desperate look in your eyes...”
“You are such a bad liar. Anyway, have you heard from Nat?” Tasmin asked, eager to change the subject.
“No, sorry Taz. She seemed a little upset about what you said. I don’t know whether she’s still going to go on Saturday.”
“Oh,” Tasmin was disappointed. Natalie was still angry with her. “Well, I’ll see you later, okay?”
“Okay,” Thalia smiled. “See you,”
Tasmin waved as she walked off. Wow, she thought. Thalia had been right when she said Ashton was aesthetically appealing.

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