what if the words in a book could take you to another place - literally?
Chapter Eight ~ Tasmin
It was Saturday night. Tasmin’s head hit the pillow, and she sighed.
She usually didn’t go to bed this early on Saturdays. Maybe her and her dad would watch a movie, or she and Michael would prank each other until her dad screamed for them to stop making such a racket from downstairs. But not tonight.
She put her earbuds in, and played her favourite song. She wanted to make it feel like she was gaining something that the people at Ashton’s party weren’t. But it wasn’t working.
She wondered whether Thalia had decided to go to the party after all. Tasmin had rung her numerous times throughout the day, begging for Thalia not to worry about her, that she didn’t want to go anyway. Each time, Thalia had said no, that she knew Tasmin would feel as if she missed out on something, that she couldn’t do that.
Someone like Tasmin didn’t deserve a friend like Thalia.
The party was about to start, just five minutes to go. Tasmin grabbed her cell phone off her bedside table and dialled Thalia’s number.
“Hello?” her familiar voice said.
“Hi, Thalia - it’s me,”
“Oh - hi Tasmin.” Thalia sighed into the phone. “I know what you’re going to say, and you know what my answer is going to be.”
“Yeah,” Tasmin sighed back. “I kind of do.”
“Then why bother ringing me?”
“I’ve thought it through, and I’ve thought of the perfect outfit for you to wear.” Tasmin tried to sound enthusiastic.
“You know that lace over-throw I gave you last year?” Tasmin said. “That would go amazingly with your blue skirt. And those cute leather boots.”
“Taz, I can’t do this to you,”
“Thalia - I am no where near deserving a friend like you, and you deserve this more than anything. If you were really my friend, you would understand that this is what I want: for you to go.”
“And if you were really my friend, you would understand that I am the kind of person who gives in...really easily,” Thalia laughed softly.
“Yeah. And I’m serious. Wear the outfit. And send me a pic. Hurry up, you gotta be there in two minutes!”
“Tasmin -“
“I know, I know - I’m amazing. You don’t have to tell me twice,”
“You’re the best,”
“Say hi to Nat for me, okay?”
“I...I will.”
“Okay. See ya,” And she hung up.
Tasmin smiled to herself as she placed the earbuds back in. It was a new song.
She hoped that Natalie would start talking to her again after the party. It wasn’t the same without her lame jokes and enthusiastic approach to absolutely everything. She laughed to herself.
“And once this whole thing is over,
You will come running back to me,
With that smile spreading all over your face,
The one I am so lucky to see.”
Tasmin hummed along to the song, and soon felt her eyelids grow heavy.
“I know that I’ve made my mistakes,
And forgiveness, I do not foresee,
But I hope that I’ll be able to see that smile again,
The one I am so lucky to see.”
Soon she saw nothing but darkness, and heard naught but the sound of her own, deep breathing.
Ring ring...ring ring...ring ring...
Tasmin awoke with a start. Her phone was ringing from on her bedside table. What was the time? Her clock read that it was only just ten o’clock at night. She looked at her cell phone. It was Thalia.
“Hello?” Tasmin answered. “Thalia? Is that you?”
“Yes,” Thalia replied. “Oh, thank God, thank God!”
“Wha - what is it?” Tasmin could hear shouting in the background, and a lot of voices. Wherever Thalia was, it was packed with people. And...she heard something else. Was that a siren? “What’s going on, Thalia?”
“Tasmin, you have to come,” Thalia sounded frantic; she was practically screaming into the phone. “You have to come as fast as you can, please!”
“Thalia, just tell me what is going on.”
“Oh my God, it wasn’t my fault. She didn’t know what she was doing. She was catching a lift home, but the guy had been drinking, and - oh, Tasmin just hurry up!” Thalia was speaking so fast Tasmin could hardly make out what she was saying - and was she crying?
‘Thalia - what the hell is going on?” Tasmin demanded. “Just tell me.”
“It’s Natalie,” Thalia sobbed.
“Right after the party, she was in a car accident. She’s unconscious, and is being taken to the hospital right now. But the doctors say she isn’t going to wake up.”

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