Lies worth hiding
Anna + Ivy
“Dang! Messed me up again!” Anna shouted when she flipped to her page on the yearbook. Her last name was spelled with and “e” instead of and “i” for the fifth year in a row. She ran to throw the think and colorful book to the trash. It tumbled in with a swift, clean movement. It clinked as it hit the bottom of the can. Anna ran to the bathroom to get away from all the kids flooding down the hall like a river. Her friend Ivy followed her and without a word the two girls waited until they heard no constant chattering of 100’s of children. They hopped out the door and ran thorough the halls and out the wide doors of the school, Ivy thoughtfully touched the terra-cotta colored bricks and Anna handed her a sharpie, In big bold letters Ivy wrote her name. We ran out as the priceable busted through the doors to watch us all leave, When she saw the big IVY written on “her favorite brick” she shouted: “Curse you middle-aged teens!” Ivy and I giggled as the principle slipped back inside.
“Are you coming to Lizzy’s end-of-school party Anna?” Ivy asked, “um....” Ivy cut me off “Anna, tell the truth” “Fine, my mom said I couldn’t go.” I lifted the lie of my chest and it felt good. “Well, if you can’t go, I can’t either” Ivy replied. Maybe this is one of the reasons we are best friends. She always has been standing up for me, the first time I remember was when I stole Jeremy’s stuffed animal in kindergarten and them he told on me, I thought I would be in soooooo much trouble with my mom and dad but instead Ivy’s parents got called and she got in the trouble, I think that is when, I saw that Ivy and I were alike: Strict parents, stealers, and we had the same drawing skills. So after she did all that for me, I started standing up for her too, like when she peed her pants sent Ivy to the bathroom and said it was me, let’s just say I saved her five months worth of embarrassment.
“I have to go” I said to Ivy as soon as Nate Parker walked to the park, I saw Ivy run up to him. Then I saw the thing that broke up our friendship for a long time. Nate leaned over and kissed her... on the lips. I burst into tears and biked away. Ivy broke away from Nate’s tight grip and ran after me, I just shouted “IVY, GO! GO AWAY!” Tears dripped down her face and I busted through the front door, I stomped upstairs and into my room I clicked the door shut and locked it behind me I peered thorough the window until I saw Ivy’s tiny figure disappear. Thankfully my mom was not home at the time. when she got home I had a nervous streak of hot and cold strike my body. The one thing I never knew at that time was I was going to be the worst liar ever in five minutes. It all started when my mom came in the door and said... “Honey? Is that you? I thought you would be at Ivy’s house!” a the nervous feeling spread through my body and I started sweating “Mom!” I shouted from the floor above “Ivy had to go to her cosine’s house and she is going to camp nickel for the whole entire summer!”
Believe it or not she believed me. But that was not the last time I ever lied. I think I may have won and award for lying if there was such thing
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