Book one of the “tEn communities” series
It’s all so simple until it’s not.
Until they tell you it’s time and drag you into a room and pull out a pair of scissors and you forget your alive and just sleep.
It’s so simple until you look in the mirror and you don’t see a sequined creature smiling at you.
Instead you see the reminder that you aren’t normal, that everyone hates you, and that you are deformed.
It’s all so simple until every time someone looks at you, they see you so differently because you are different.
Because you are a failure.
It’s all so simple in this world unless your like me, tough skinned. Tough skinned in a world where the thin skins lived.
And when your tough skinned, you can’t mature... and if you can’t mature, you’re never going to become beautiful... and if you aren’t beautiful, well, you’ll live alone as a failure the rest of your life.
It’s all so simple until you run out of the hospital room, balling, because every sequin they sewed onto your skin wouldn’t stick... because the needle was so thin that it couldn’t puncture your thick skin.
It’s all so simple until it’s not.
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