Always SEARCHING for just a little
Actually friendship goals
You don’t know you love me.
You think you do.
And that’s what makes it all the more painful,
“Good luck on those exams sweetheart!” Tony’s mother called from the car.
He pivoted around to face her. “Thanks ma. Have a good day. Love ya!”
“Love you too sweetie!” And with that she drove off, leaving Tony to face the snickers of the few students who had been standing just close enough to witness the scene.
“Ay mama’s boy, you still suckling?” Someone taunted and some people laughed along.
Tony rolled his eyes and griped his left backpack strap tightly for a second. “Imbeciles,” he groaned and continued on his way. He hopped up the steps and began hunting for Shaston, his best friend. It took him many halls and many flights of stairs but eventually he found him at his locker. Figures. That should have been the first place he looked. “Hey man,” Tony greeted, coming in to get a shake.
Shaston smiled when he saw Tony. “‘Sup dude. Did you bag him yet?”
Tony sighed. “It didn’t happen. Turns out the whole thing was just a fling to him.”
Shaston rubbed the back of his head and followed Tony as they started to walk to their homeroom. “Ah well, that sucks.”
Tony shrugged. “Whatever. I wasn’t really feeling it either.”
Shaston laughed and slapped Tony on the back. “Says you who gushed about him 24/7.”
“Shut up,” Tony mumbled, taking his seat.
“But I mean no homo, emirite?” A sudden loud and obnoxious voice cut into the serene atmosphere. A group of airheads had just walked by and were now laughing wildly.
Tony rolled his eyes. “I actually prefer homo, thank you very much.”
Shaston snickered and sat down beside him, grinning. “Dude, guess what?”
Tony whined in distaste, “I hate this game so much.”
Shaston just continued to smile that same ear-splitting grin of his. “No, seriously dude. It’s great news this time around! Just guess.”
Tony remained quiet.
“Pretty please?” Shaston begged, unleashing the full force of his baby pout.
Tony cringed. He couldn’t resist him when he did that and finally gave in. “Umm, you finally got her?”
Shaston’s eyes widened in surprise. “Dude, you’re right! What now, you got some voodoo magic on you and you ain’t yet shared?”
Tony smirked, “I’ll never tell.”
Shaston pouted, “No fair.”
“When did this hooking up happen?” Tony drawled, getting out his notepad and jotting useless things down.
“Last night man. It was actually so fire.”
Tony turned to face his buddy and punched his arm in congratulations. “That’s a big boi.”
“That’s what she said.” Shaston grinned cheekily.
Tony laughed hard, throwing his head back. Shaston joined in and soon they were a blubbering mess of mirth. Tony finally came to, wiping his eyes and taking time to study his friend. He was truly someone Tony would never dream of losing.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Tony whispered.
Shaston leaned in close to his face. “... You’d probably wear that God damned Star Wars shirt your grandmother got you for Christmas.”
“... You idiot! I’m trying to be sweet here and you—“ Tony sputtered, making rude hand gestures while Shaston chuckled.
“Whatever man. I love you too, but shut up. Class is about to start.”
Tony looked over to his friend. “You’re absolutely crazy.”
Shaston shot him a wild grin as the students begin to file in. “And you love me for it.”
Tony gave a small smile and didn’t respond, instead choosing to stare at his notepad.

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