by sugarkitten
Shadow Cupcakes
Chapter 1
The Birthday Party
Lizzie had a birthday invitation. “Next Week! please attend if you can!
Love, Lisa ^.^ “Ooh! A birthday party!” “I have a sneaky plan!” and she, Lizzie went off to plan. A few hours later, Lizzie was done. Lets see, skipping middle school for the rest of the week, help Lisa setting up her birthday party (WITH PRANKS) making toothpaste oreo cookies, putting tape on sinks, plastic on toilet bowls! HA HA HA! Fantastic! Let me text Yammy so she could help me. Calls Yammy “Hi Yammy. Can you help me with this party at Lisa’s? Thanks! Bye!” Ends Call “OMG she said-“ “What you doing? Stop screaming!” argued Emily. (Lizzie’s little sister) “Can you just get OUT of MY room?” “Fine.” “I’m going to bed.” “ZzzZzZzzzZz.”
Next Week
Comes To Lisa’s
“Hey Lisa! Can I help with setting up please?!” “Sure!”
Lizzie Goes Into Kitchen
“Where’s the oreo cookies? thought Lizzie. “Yammy, go do some bathroom pranking.” “Okay.” Lizzie finishes making pranks. Yammy finishes making pranks. “Okay now let’s leave.

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