A prequel to the thorn haven series
Shattered Crown
Where It All Started
So, yes. You may know me as Seriphina from Thorns and Thrones. But have you ever questioned why Trey is obsessed with me? Or how I am a Pure One’s descendant?
Well, let’s get on to it. These are my memories.
This is how the crown shattered.
“Leave me alone, jerk!” I yell, scrambling to pick my books up and get to class.
The figure looms over me in the mud, threatening to hit me once more.
“Or what? You’ll hit me again with that wimpy slap?” he taunts, kicking mud onto my Kingdom History book.
I mutter and attempt to get up, clutching my schoolwork in both of my arms. The guy, now joined by two girls, tease me without pause all the way to my class.
“Leave me alone!” I shout, fists clenched.
I lunge forward and punch the boy who first teased me right in the chin. He falls over, scrambling to get up and take revenge on me. I dodge his first punch narrowly. His second one, however, I am not so lucky. It catches me in the arm, probably leaving a bruise there for me to explain to my mom. Again.
Suddenly, the boy and two girls clutch their eyes, stumbling around the school courtyard.
“I can’t see! I can’t see!” they yell helplessly.
“Leave the sweet girl alone.” a seductive voice says behind me. “Or this will happen again, and we wouldn’t want that, would we now?” they purr.
The entourage backs off, still clutching their eyes and groping around for anything, even though there’s a wall right there. One of them runs right into it, causing me to laugh my head off.
“T-thank you..” I manage to force out, turning around to greet my savior.
The crown prince stares down at me, grinning like a madman.
“Y-Your Highness!” I gasp, bending down to one knee and saluting.
“You don’t have to do that. I’m just a normal teenager here. Now, rise.” he replies jokingly.
I rise, doing as he says, all the while tripping over a patch of grass, falling straight into his arms. He chuckles and helps me up. I flush, my face going beet red.
“W-why did you help me out like that? I could’ve handled myself..” I trail off, unsure of what to say.
“Because. I’m not going to just sit around and watch a cute girl get picked on, am I?” he questions me. “Now, do you know where Kingdom History 3 is?”
I nod my head. “That’s where I’m going next!”
We compare schedules, only to find we have the exact same one. Adding to that, I’m the person who’s supposed to show him around.
“Coincidence? I think not.” He smiles warmly. I blush.
I think I’m getting a crush on him.
“You’re late!” the Kingdom History teacher yells at me. The whole class snickers, but stops when they see Trey. Even the teacher stops glaring at me when she sees him.
“Your Highness!” she stammers.
He waves her off with a flick of her hand, and we stride over to our seats. My seat is in the middle of the classroom, and his is right next to mine, obviously.
One of the “popular girls” sits right next to him. She almost immediately starts flirting with him.
“Heeeeeyy! You’re Trey, right? Well, I was thinking, since you go to school here now, maybe I can show you around!” She smiles- a smile that doesn’t reach her eyes.
Trey laughs. “Sorry, sweetheart, I already have a guide. And she’s a lot cuter than you.”
The whole class goes “Ooooooohhh..”
She harrumphs and straightens up in her seat. “Well, then, who is this ‘cute’ girl, then? Is she cuter than Allie Elizabeth Sera?”
I slouch down in my seat, trying not to catch anybody’s attention, mainly Allie’s.
Trey smiles. “Yes she is. By a lot. You’re just a snotty brat who wants my attention.” His expression darkens. “And unless you want to feel my wrath, then leave me alone.”
Allie backs off. “Okay, cutie. But you will be mine. You shall see.”
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