a series of short poems and letters by joshua terry
She Gives Me Butterflies.
A hopeless romantic uses his words not to charm, but to show his admiration.
Her Voice.
Describe to her, in detail, the things that make her beautiful. Focus on those aspects that she thinks are insignificant, and then paint her a picture with your words, proving her wrong. Describe her voice.
It is light but strong.
It is non-demanding, yet confident.
It is gentle, as though her words caress the air.
It is sprightly and mellow, like a bonfire on a summer night.
It is crisp like the last autumn leaf.
And like the transition from winter to spring, there’s so much life in her voice.
Counting Stars.
Do you ever count the stars?
- the stars in the sky -
Do you ever think we’ll count them, together?
Of course, I’d never get past
- the stars in your eyes -
And I could count those stars, forever.
Her Laugh.
Her laugh is a cool breeze on a summer’s eve - a fireplace in winter’s night.
The sound of chimes on a windy day - the flapping wings of a soaring kite.
The shade-providing cloud when the sun is shining bright.
Her laughter is, and will always be, the sweetest sound of life.
Describing nature’s beauty is ironically natural; I can effortlessly depict the imagery of rolling hills lined with thick trees fully clothed in autumn’s sweet and warm array of browns and oranges. If you close your eyes, you too can even see it. But when it comes to describing you - to describing your beauty.
The words...
There aren’t enough words to describe your beauty.
So I can only say that you are
I Wonder.
I wonder if you think of me the way I think of you. If before I had just one reason to smile, then surely you make two. But really, you make ten; ten thousand all the while. The thought of you, just being you, is more than enough reasons to smile.
Her grace, as delicate as a daisy - faith as rooted as a tree.
And as the sun shines through her sweet smile,
oh how the Son does shine on me.
When I Saw Her.
And that’s when I saw her
sitting in a shady patch of grass,
staring at the reflection of the sunset on lake.
Next to her was a Bible filled with
highlighted verses
opened to 1 Corinthians.
She closed her eyes
and began to mouth
what must have been a prayer,
and I couldn’t help but wonder
if we’ve been praying for each other.
The Aisle.
I’m going to be the one to cry at my wedding because
She’s so beautiful and everyone’s staring at her in awe
and the cameras are flashing
and the song
no, OUR song, is playing
and she is somehow moving so gracefully in perfect strides
even though she is wearing that tremendous and lovely dress.
And each step she takes is a step I take with her -
a step closer to our future together.
And there are so many memories in each step down that aisle -
The late night phone calls
The flirty texts
The adventurous dates
The salty tears
The hearty laughs
How could I not cry?
Falling in Love is Scary.
Because you commit your heart to a complete stranger,
giving them the power to smash it into a million pieces,
and trust that they won’t.
And even if they prove to you time after time how much they love you,
Because you’ve fallen for a stranger before,
and somehow you became strangers again.
Lord, Thank You for My Wife.
Lord, thank you for the wonderful, amazing, incredible, beautiful, ambitious, passionate woman of God that you’re going to bless me with. I promise I will always seek you first so that she’ll find Your Word hidden in my heart, alongside Your precious Son. I will be a covering over my household as you are a covering over me. You will be at the center of my relationship and while my wife and I will be madly in love with each other, we will both know that there is no love like agape love. The love you have for us can’t be measured. My children will be raised with the Word and they will know the power of the name of Jesus from the day they are born. I promise to love my children. My sons will grow up with integrity and discipline. They will not be afraid to cry or show emotions, and they will respect their elders. I pray that You create in me a clean heart, Lord, so I could be an example to my sons of how to treat women; for the way I treat my wife - with unconditional love, care, respect, and honor - is the way my sons will follow. They will be men of God, like King David; they will be men after Your own heart. My daughters will grow up with integrity and discipline. They will not be afraid to cry or show emotions, and they will respect their elders. I pray that You give me the wisdom to pass on to my daughters, as I will show them how they should be treated; for the way I treat my wife - with gentleness, understanding, compassion, and even more unconditional love - is the way my daughters will think they should be treated. They will be women of God, like Naomi; they will be truthful and kind and good - they will wait for their Boaz. I know my wife will be a sinner, just as I am a sinner. So, I pray that your forgiveness be well-placed in our marriage. I want to be confident that my wife will go to You when we can’t seem to work out an argument, as I will do the same; for all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. I praise you in advance for the joy I’ll get to share with my wife; for being able to wake up each morning next to the one person on this earth that I was made to wake up to each morning; for being able to be myself around her and for being able to watch her be herself; for little things that make her beautiful; for all of her quirks and habits. I praise you in advance for my bride. My Queen. My heart. My soul. I just wanted to take time out today to thank You for her. I love her.
She Gives Me Butterflies.
Do you want to know something?
I think you’re super cute!
I mean really that’s why I was so nervous to talk you.
You give me butterflies!
You’re beautiful!
When I’m talking to you, though, I feel so good - just at peace.
It’s almost as though I know everything will be okay.
It’s as if I know life is okay. I know life is good again.
There’s something about the way your eyes light up when you smile.
It gives me butterflies!
It makes my heart melt.
But do you know what I really love about you?
Your faith!
I can see Christ’s love in you. I see Him in you.
It’s in the way you talk. It’s in your adorable laugh - your laugh.
Remember how I said that your eyes and smile melt my heart?
Well, your laugh revives it.
It fills my heart up again, with joy and spirit.
It gives me butterflies!
I don’t know if you’ll ever know that this poem is about you.
That all of these poems are about you.
But if you ever find out, please know that they’re from the bottom of my (melted) heart.
And know that there’s so much more that I want to tell you.
And I only hope that I have the chance -
That I’ll have the chances to say the rest.
But if I never get those chances, please remember this:
:: Don’t ever stop loving God.
Don’t ever stop loving life.
If you live every adventure there is to live...
Go back and live them twice! ::
An Open Letter to My (Future) Wife.
Hey, Dear!
It’s kind of funny, I just thought that what if you’re reading this right now and you have no idea that we’re going to get married. Oh, but the wedding was AMAZING! Don’t worry, you found the perfect dress and yes, you looked better than all of your bridesmaids. Just a heads up, when you’re walking down the aisle, I tried my best not to run down there and hug you. And you also had to close my mouth when you get to the front. Sorry about my shaky hands. You still had a way of giving me butterflies even after all of those dates! I wonder if we had our first date yet? Oh gosh, I was a nervous wreck! Oh no, I’m so sorry for staring. Well, no I’m not, I mean have you seen you?? You know what, before any of that happened, we were friends. Like really good friends. That’s pretty chill, you know? We would hang out with other people and got to know each other. We didn’t have to rush any of it. We’ve got plenty of time! Forever is a long time, right? And just so you know, I never wanted to be the one to hang up first. I always wanted to call you back. And I loved it when you asked if I could stay just five more minutes when I said I had to go...
I want you to know how much I still want you. All of the time. Every day. No, I don’t just want you. I need you. I’m not afraid to say that. I need you in my life. My mom would always tell me that if I prayed and would seek God first, that He would give me all of the desires of my heart. I thought that was pretty far-fetched. Really, Mom, God is going to give me all the desires of my heart? Everything that I wanted in a wife: a caring, nurturing, funny, and fearful woman of God; a woman who holds me accountable and forgives me; a virtuous and ambitious woman. God would give me all that? That is what my heart desired. Well, you proved my mother wrong the day I met you. God didn’t give me all of the desires of my heart. Instead, He gave me my entire heart. He gave me a reason to smile. He gave me an unspeakable joy and a dance in my spirit. He gave me the love of my life.
He gave me you.
If you are reading this, whoever you are, you should know something about me. I am a sinner. I have struggles that you may not like. I’m going to mess up. I’m not always going to say the right things and I’m going to get on your nerves. I’ll let you down. I know that sounds like a pretty crappy deal, but let me tell you this. You are a sinner too. You’re going to upset me and make mistakes. You’re going to frustrate me. And I’m going to love you anyway. I’m going to be here for you when you’re grieving. I’m going to celebrate with you when you succeed. I’m your #1 fan! Promise me that we’ll always keep Christ in the center of our relationship - that we’ll turn to Him in our time of need. We have a long, bumpy road ahead of us and I’m ready for the road trip of my life. I am so, so proud to call you my wife.
P.s. Let’s show the world what’s up.
Yo Supafly-but-not-nearly-as-fly-as-you-Husband
Well, maybe just a tad mo’ fly ;)
A Dream Come True.
Dreaming is my escape. It’s my escape from the world. It’s a place where my imagination has no limits. My creativity is boundless. My thoughts are free. My soul is at rest. My mind is at peace. My heart is at ease. My dreams are wild and adventurous. They’re vivid and lively. My dreams are my escape from the constant pressures of society. They’re my sweet getaway from life.
But, ever since I met you, my dreams have no longer been an escape. They no longer need to be. Because finally, finally, my reality is just as adventurous, vivid, lively, creative, and imaginative. All because of you.
See, you were once my dream, but now my dream has come true.
To dream a dream that dreamer’s dream must be to dream of you.
Though romance does consume my thoughts,
with flowers, chocolate, perfumes I’ve bought;
I’ve found that romance is most pure
in simply charm, opening doors.
I Want to be.
I want to be the sound of rain against your window pane.
I want to be the gust of wind on any summer day.
I want to be your favorite blanket, snuggled now and then.
I want to be the one you love; I want to be your friend.
When I Think of You.
I was sitting on my roof last night, looking at the sky.
It was so dark, but there were so many stars! Each star was shining bright,
And where there was a star,
There was no darkness; Only light.
But one star was shining
Brighter than the rest...I thought:
What makes this star shine brighter?
Is it closer to me?
Is it bigger than the others? Or Is it just being itself?Just existing.
Shining bright because it is.
I think of that star, and I feel like everything will be Okay.
That star reminded me of you...
Just being yourself. Just existing.
Shining bright because you are.
I think of you, and I feel like
everything will be Okay ...
If, Then.
If ever she is mine, forever,
There wouldn’t be a time, ever,
No, wouldn’t be a time, never,
She isn’t on my mind, forever.
If she is never mine, forever,
There wouldn’t be a time, ever,
No, wouldn’t be a time, never,
She isn’t on my mind, forever.
Your Smile.
I never knew a smile could walk.
Your smile runs through my thoughts, though.
I never knew a smile could talk.
Your smile says a lot, though.
I never knew a smile could hurt.
Your smile makes me weak, though.
I never knew a smile could save.
Your smile makes my heart beat, though.
I never knew a smile could love.
Though your smile fills my spirit.
I never knew a smile could sing.
Though your smile, I always hear it.
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