What If you could travel between universes?
Maya Parker: Shifter
Hi. I’m Maya. I am a Shifter. I first would like to say this:
If you think you might be a Shifter yourself, or you have had weird experiences like the ones talked about in this book, I suggest that you stop reading immediately. Reading about this kind of power can only make it worse within the reader.
On the other hand, those of you who are reading this as a fiction story and not as a reflection of their own experiences, read on. I think it will be good to educate you about the ultimate abilities of mankind.
I was a normal girl for fifteen and a half years. I went to Apollo High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I was an honors student with lots of friends, plus some enemies. You could have called me an average tenth grader.
Then, on the 23 of April, 2015, it happened. I became a Shifter. And I’ll never forget it.
Because my life would never be the same after that day.
Today, I’m a twelfth grader with a life as un-average as it gets. This morning I woke up to the sound of deep growling. I didn’t open my eyes. I knew I was being stalked by a pack of Botinarian Speckeled Hounds. These wolf-like creatures are the size of school buses. They have 64 razor-like teeth that can gnaw through just about anything. Their coat is extremely thick and fluffy, violet and brown to blend in with the purplish moss of the forest floor on the planet Botinar. Their eyes are also purple, with elliptical pupils like that of a snake. Their paws are the size of trash can lids, with three toes in front, two toes in the back, and long, pointed, brown claws on each one.
And I was in the middle of a pack of them.
I concentrated, thinking about the one place in the Multiverse that I was safe: Planet Earth. I felt the hounds closing in. My head gave me the standard 3-second migraine, and I opened my eyes to find my self not on the ground on the planet Botinar, but in my one-room apartment on floor 7. I had shifted to NYC. Home sweet home.
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