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Your typical scary doll story
Clary loved dolls.
She loved big dolls, small dolls, soft dolls, hard dolls, if you were to give her a doll she would take it. Even if you were a young man on the playground. Now this young man actually seemed nice. He had dark curly brown hair, lovely green eyes with golden flecks in them and he was tall. Like almost six and a half feet tall. Clary liked tall people because her daddy was quite tall, but certainly not as tall as this man. He played with Clary, swung on the swings with her, played it the sand pit, the whole shabang. Clary’s mom kept watch on her daughter the whole time, not wanting interfere.
When it was finally time for Clary to leave the playground, the young man slipped something into her pocket and whispered in her small ear. Clary giggled and told the man she would take good care of whatever was in her pocket. The man stood up, waved goodbye, and started to walk off. Clary’s mom ran after him, wanting to know why he had taken so much time out of his day to play with her daughter and also because she was curious as to what he gave her.
He turned around slowly and to look at her, when she asked her questions, he just smiled and said “I gave her a doll. My daughters favorite doll.” The woman was quite confused. “But why, if I may ask,” she inquired, “Do you want to give her favorite doll away? Won’t she miss it?” The mans smile faded, “She has been taken from this world and I would very much like it if your precious daughter would take the doll and play with it, for it brought my daughter and me great happiness for many months.” The woman, saddened by the thought of the mans story, Smiled sadly and hugged him tightly. She thanked him dearly for the special doll. Then she turned to walk back home, where her daughter was already headed, when he called out to her, “The doll shall bring you happiness for many months if you are nice to it.” She turned to look at him and ask what he meant, but he was already gone. The woman thought nothing of it.
The next few months Clary played with the doll everyday. She played dress up with the doll, She played tea party and hide and seek. The doll and Clary were inseparable. The woman started to notice things happening. On the days where Clary played with the doll a lot, a good think would happen. Like the first day she had the doll and she played with it the rest of the day, her husband came home and had been promoted to head of office where he worked. And a week later when Clary’s friend Isabella came over and they played with the doll for hours, the woman got a call her mothers cancer was gone. And so on until the day of Clary’s 6th birthday party. A half dozen little girls came over for cake and party games, but they all wanted to play with Clary’s special doll. She graciously shared her doll and that night the man came home and found out he had won the lottery. He had won one hundred million dollars. The family was ecstatic, the next day they went out and bought a 3.4 million dollar house with five bedrooms, an indoor pool, and a quiet creek in the backyard.
The family was living in a dream. They had everything they wanted. The father thought it was a stroke of good luck, but the mother was still suspicious of the doll, seeing as their good luck had started when Clary had brought that doll home. The next day when they were out shopping, Clary saw a beautiful doll in the shop window. The doll had soft golden curls, lovely blue eyes, and a beautiful pink lacy dress. Clary insisted she must have it, and seeing as the family now had more than enough money, the woman bought it for her.
When they had come back to their new house, Clary took the doll up to her bedroom to play, while the woman put away the groceries. When she was done, she went to check on Clary, as she had been nearly silent the whole time. As she climbed the stairs she noticed the small doll that the man had given Clary so many months ago. It was laying face down on the carpet. The woman picked it up and brought it back to Clary’s room. When she opened the door, she found Clary, sitting on the floor in front of her massive dollhouse playing with the new doll. The woman offered the old doll to Clary, but she refused to play with it. She only wanted to play with the new doll. The woman thought that meant she would play with it later, so she put the old doll into one of the many beds in the dollhouse and left to go wash the dishes.
The next day Clary only played with the new doll. She only played with the new doll the next day and the next day. The old doll just sat on the shelf, waiting to be played with.
The next day the woman got a call from Clary’s school saying she had fainted in the hallway and they were going to bring her to the hospital. The woman called her husband and raced over to the hospital. She rushed in and hurried to her daughters room. When she arrived the head of the school and another lady the woman did not recognize greeted her with dismal looks. The doctor finally came in and looked Clary over. He found nothing wrong. So he sent them all home with a lollipop for Clary and a reminder to the woman and the head of school to keep their children hydrated, for he thought she had just not drank enough water that day.
When they came home Clary was exhausted, she went right up to bed to take a nap. Her mother sat down and read a book. Suddenly the woman heard a scream. It was coming from Clary’s room! So, for the second time that day, the woman rushed to see what was wrong. She found Clary sitting straight up in bed, her long black hair a mess. The woman reached over to hug her and tell her everything was going to be alright, think she had had a bad dream, But Clary pushed her away and pointed to the shelf where the old doll had once stood. The doll was gone. The woman stood up quickly and started looking for the old doll. Then Clary, who was still speechless, pointed to her dolls house, where the new doll sat on her pretty bed, her beautiful face, shattered. Someone had broken the new doll. Then out of the corner of her eye, The woman saw a small movement. She turned around slowly. The old doll was back in its spot on the shelf.
Needless to say, the woman decided the old doll needed to go. She threw her in a garbage bag and brought it out to the small creek in their backyard. She threw the bag into the creek and watched as it washed away. Finally when she couldn’t see the bag anymore, she hurried back inside to check on Clary, who was still sitting in bed. Clary was shaking violently. The woman gathered her up and hugged her. They stayed like that for a very long time. Finally the dad came home and the woman told her husband what had happened. He did not believe them. He thought Clary had smashed the doll herself for attention. But the woman and Clary were sure of what they had seen. The doll was alive.
The next few days Clary slept in her parents bedroom. Before she would ever sleep in that room again, she had to get rid of all the dolls. Even her favorites. All the dolls went in a big trash bag and were donated to the nearest second hand shop. Clary decided she would start collecting stuffed animals instead. The woman was glad Clary had gotten over the whole doll thing so quickly, so she took her out and bought her four new stuffed animals. A pink pig with a curly tail, a soft brown horse with a saddle that could be removed and put back on, a green frog that sticks his tongue out if you press a button, and a soft teddy bear with a red bow around his neck.
All was well for the next few weeks. Clary had almost forgotten the doll event and was playing happily with her new stuffed animals. One day they were out driving, and a small object darted across the rode. The woman, Think it was some small animal swerved so she wouldn’t hit it. She felt a thud and figured she had hit the poor thing. So she jumped out of the car to see if the animal was alright. It was not an animal. It was the old doll. The woman stood in shock. Clary jumped out of the car to see if everything was okay, just as another car came speeding down the road. The woman screamed and yelled at Clary to move but it was too late.
A flash of white and red, and Clary was laying on the ground a small pool of warm blood, pooling around her head. The woman screamed again loudly enough that the man, that lived across the street from where they were, came out of his house. He saw Clary and immediately called the hospital and told them what had happened. An ambulance was on the way. The woman was now kneeling beside Clary, trying to find a pulse. But there wasn’t one. Clary was gone.
The woman suddenly remembered the doll. She looked up from her daughter, expecting the doll to be laying where she had hit it. But the doll was gone.

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