Final Short Story
Short Story Book 3
Follow your Destiny
Troy looked up from his computer. Hearing some of his friends, he went downstairs. He spotted his sister Ellen, sitting in a corner. Steering himself the opposite direction, he headed toward his best friend Percy.
“Hey Percy. I just cannot figure out this homework. You know how we were supposed to-”, he began.
“CHILL Troy. You’ll be fine. Hey, how many pretzels can you eat at once? Check this out.” Percy started to dump a handful of pretzels in his mouth.
“Okay Perc, I’m gonna go. See ya later.” Troy said, walking away.
“Bye Troy! I’ll see you later!” Percy replied, talking with a mouth full of pretzels.
Troy sighed and trudged to the stairs. Suddenly, a group of boys he was friends with from school called him over.
“Hey Troy! Over here! We’re gonna head out for a walk with your dog, is that okay?”
“No.”, Troy mumbled, but seeing as they didn’t hear him, he walked over.
“Fine, but only if I come with you.” He needed a break from his homework anyway.
“Great, dude! Let’s go!”
Seeing as they were already almost out the door, Troy grabbed his phone and his wallet, and followed them.
As they walked down the street, the boys suddenly spotted a Gypsy store over in the corner. They decided to check it out, just for fun, although none of them actually believed in the Gypsy’s prophecies. They all lined up and got their fortunes told, after paying the Gypsy a highly unreasonable amount of money. Finally, it was Troy’s turn. He sat in a comfy red chair across from the Gypsy.
“So how does this work, do you read my palm or something?”, he asked, bored out of his mind.
The Gypsy smiled at him, and tossed her hair.
“No, Troy, I’m going to read your mind.” She pretended to stare into his eyes creepily.
Troy laughed then realized something.
“Wait, how did you know my name was Troy?”
The Gypsy chuckled.
“Like I said, I read your mind.”
There was an awkward pause, then the Gypsy burst into laughter.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I saw your driver’s license when you were paying me.”
Troy laughed softly, then said,
“Okay, so what are you going to tell me?”
“Well… okay fine. Show me your palm.”
Troy burst into laughter, and eventually gave her his palm.
“Hmm, let’s see. Ooh. Your destiny is to find a treasure in disguise, waiting for you in your home. Huh? Well, I’ll be honest with you, I understand that exactly as much as you do, so no more questions. And your time is up. So come back later, but I have more customers to attend to, so I’m afraid you’ll have to leave now. Bye Troy!” She led him to the door and said goodbye again.
Troy stood staring at the Gypsy’s shop for a few minutes. Then his friends walked with him, back to his house. Not spending much time on the Gypsy’s words, he said bye to his friends and ran up to his room. He was still stuck on his homework, which was to write an application to college. Of course, it was an assignment, and would only actually be sent to a college of it was really good. It was actually just a way of preparing students for writing an actual application to college. Suddenly, his door creaked open. His sister, Ellen, stood in the doorway.
“Hi Troy. Do you need help? I remember getting that same assignment when I was in your grade.”, she said.
Troy groaned internally. He hated getting help from his sister. It made him feel lowly and weak.
“No thanks Ellen. I’m good. Anyway, don’t you have to go get a brain first? Just go away.”
Uh oh. Troy thought. He knew he’d gone too far. But Ellen just stood in his doorway for a few seconds, opening her mouth, but seemed to rethink what she was about to say, and left.
Troy sighed. Whatever. He started at his assignment, but was still stuck. All of a sudden, he recalled what the Gypsy had said. Something about a treasure in his home. Then it hit him. He ran to his sister’s room.
“Ellen! Ellen I’m so sorry. It just slipped out, I didn’t mean it. I’m just tired is all. I’m so sorry Ellen! Can you please help me?”
Ellen opened her door and smiled.
“No problem, I understand, it happens, I’m tired too, it’s okay, and yes.”
After trying to follow her barrage of answers, he nodded, and said thank you. Afterwards, Ellen helped Troy with his assignment, and the Gypsy’s words had come true. He had fulfilled his destiny, and found his hidden treasure; Ellen and her help. He was glad he had remembered the Gypsy’s words, and apologized to Ellen. That day, he learned his lesson, to heed other people’s words, and follow his destiny, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.
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