Can they still love eaCh other?
Shouldn’t But We Are
Chapter one: The Fight
“Dad,” I screamed, “ I love him!”
I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself, let me start a few months ago.
“Dad, I am going to watch kids.” “Okay, be back by sun rise.” Boomed my dad. P.S. my dad is God. I went down to Earth to watch dreams.
While I was watching perticulary good one, a black cloud started to surround Bobby, the child I was watching, a boy appeared. He was wearing a black faded t shirt and black jeans. He was Danny, the Devils son. I had only heard from my dad who hated him and the fallen angel. I also learned to hate them as well. But he was kind of cute. With his steely blue gray eyes and shaggy dark chestnut hair. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face which turned into a devilish smile. “Well well well,” he said with deep voice. “look it who we have here.” “I was here first,” I sneered. “Go haunt someone else.”
He laughed and jumped, I lnew what he was doing, I jumped and beat him into Bobby’s mind. He took a step back in surprise and starting firing nightmares into the dream, I repelled them with Bobby’s favorite things, like sports and stars. I won the duel.
I then realized that he could easily beat me, but he didn’t, he walked away, out of Bobby’s mind.

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