Show Me You Care
00. Prologue
Every story has a start and this one begins on the first day of an after school workshop on public speaking. Little did Harper know when she walked into this classroom was that she was going to meet the person she would fall in love with in a year’s time. She had no idea that the girl sitting across the table that had an amazing gift for writing and who’s dad ran the workshop she was going to get to know a year later she would end up falling hopelessly in love with. At this part of Harper’s life she didn’t even know she was gay yet, but that will come later on.
Harper turned the corner with her mom’s words running through her head. “This will look amazing on a college resume plus, you might just make some new friends.” Yeah, okay sure, maybe the workshop looked a little interesting but that still didn’t make Harper want to actually speak in front of people. She was here to improve her writing skills, not to learn how to talk in front of a bunch of judge mental people. She does that enough in her own small group of friends. She played with the string on her backpack like she usually did and stared at the door. gripping the handle, she swung the door open with a racing heart.
The door creaked and Harper slowly stepped into the room. A few heads turned to look at the new comer and Harper watched the people smile at her. She recognized the science teacher, Mrs. Ralph. She was quite fond of her, she was old and nice, not to mention how good of a teacher she was. Harper hadn’t met her officially but all of her friends said good things about the teacher. Next to Mrs. Ralph stood a plump man she didn’t recognize. He was short and a bit large, he kind of reminded her of Vernon Dursley from the Harry Potter series. She pushed the unkind thought away. She noticed the tall pale boy in the back of the room and the short skinny girl that sat in the middle of the room, she quickly took note that the nearest open seat was next to the short skinny girl.
Before Harper could make a move towards the seat the short plump man’s voice rang out, “Hello.”
Harper looked at him and flashed him a grin. That’s what you’re supposed to do, it’s the nice thing to do. Lifting her right hand in a small wave Harper spoke, “Hi.”
The round man smiled at Harper and handed her a thick packet, “Welcome to Toastmasters.”
Smiling again at the man she turned and headed straight for the open seat she saw moments before. Harper pulled her backpack off her shoulders and placed it on floor. She pulled the stool from under the table and sat on it next to the girl. The girl looked at Harper and smiled. Harper shyly returned the gesture. She looked around and watched the other people in the room. There was the short skinny tan girl sitting next to her, the plump man, Mrs. Ralph, the tall pale kid in the back, a short light skinned kid, a tall girl that was focused on something in her notebook, and an African American girl that wore a red pea coat and looked to happy for her own good.
Harper opened her pack of Skittles and silently began to snack on them when a pair of short, white, blonde girls walked into the room. Harper noticed how the shorter of the pair, her hair went from side to side as she walked. She had this pep in her step and Harper decided then and there that whoever this girl was, that she was happier than the girl in the pea coat. Harper watched them sit down next to each other in the two front seats that were the closest to the door. The taller of the two was clearly more sporty than the other and she sat hand in hand with the door knob it seemed while the peppy one sat closer to the girl I was sitting next to and seemed a bit more feminine than the other.
The plump man smiled at the peppy girl. She waved back at him with a grin that was way too wide. Harper was watching this happen and wondered how happy a person could be. The plump man shook his head and laughed and the girl did the same. Her laugh was hearty and full and Harper really wanted to know how someone could possibly become this happy. The man glanced at the clock that hung above the door and returned back to his conversation with Mrs. Ralph. Harper continued to slowly munch on her Skittles and watch the two girls that had come in talk. She went to pour some of the candy in her hand when the bell rang. Not expecting the loud ring Harper spilled her skittles all over the table.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Harper cursed under her breath and began to pick up the Skittles and put them back in the package.
The girl she was sitting next to laughed slightly and Harper noticed the pair that came into the room together turn around and chuckle at her. She smiled at them and started to eat her Skittles once again.
“Well now that we’re all here, we can begin the first Toastmasters meeting,” The plump man spoke with a bit too much emphasis.
The plump man introduced himself as Mr. Andrews and then Mrs. Ralph introduced herself. Mr. Andrews seemed just as happy as the peppy girl. Where were all of these happy people coming from? To Harper, it was a bit terrifying.
“As a little get to know each other exercise I want you to talk to someone in the room that you don’t know, “ Mr. Andrews looked over at the two girls by the door. “and in five minutes give me seven facts that you learned about this person.”
By the end of the five minutes the short skinny girl, her name was Sierra, seemed way too happy to be here as well. The tall boy in the back, his name was Alex. The girl in the pea coat, her name was Abby. There was James, Dennis, Julia, and then the two by the door. The tall and sporty one was June and then there was the peppy one, her name was Chloe who did dance, show choir, main stage, and loved to write. Her dad, Mr. Andrews, was the head of the club so Chloe was forced into being there. Mr. Andrews told everyone seven facts about himself and then started to tell them what they were going to be doing in this eight week workshop.
This where our story begins, in a room full of people with different stories, different pasts, and very different lives. But through it all, two people meet and their lives are both changed, for better or for worse.
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