It’s dangerous to be Powerful.
“Welcome, class. As you all know, every one of us are descendants of three great and powerful beings. They breeded with one another, yes, all three, to create people with diluted, combined powers. Throughout the centuries, the bloods inside us have diluted, meaning some people are born without power.”
“Hardly anyone these days are born with the power, meaning someone with one pure undiluted power of one of the three. Most of us are born with diluted powers, varying in type. I, for example, have the power to become invisible, a combination of Argenia and Aeris blood. Have any of you developed your powers? Anyone over the age of 16? Yes, Ashleigh? Ah, you can make yourself glow? Interesting indeed. That would be a combination of Crysos and Aeris. Is anyone a pure blood? Nobody? Let me tell you a little secret. I do not recommend telling anyone if you are a pure blood. When I was younger, a girl in my class was a pure Aeris. She bragged about it to everyone, and soon enough she was taken by the government. We never saw her again.”
“Anyway, the three pure powers. Crysos is the most powerful. The first Crysos had the ability to shape shift. He could turn into any being he chose. Argenia, she had huge silver wings which she could fold into her skin, hiding from view, yet when she unfurled them, they were huge and magnificent. Aeris had the ability to move at super speeds, yet stay as graceful as a ballet dancer.”
“So there you have it, class. That is the history of our existence, summarised of course. None of us know all the exact details. Most of it we only found out a few decades ago. But I hope this information helps you for when you turn 16, which I believe is this year for almost all of you. Remember you can come and talk to me if you are worried about the Change. And remember, being powerful isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be...
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