the truth is not always the true way
Miss Cherub scampered through a small clearing, keeping her focus on the bundle swaddled within her small arms. The fierce roar of the demon became less and less defined when finally it was gone for good.
“Shh, my child, there’s nothing to fear,
Sunshine through treetops make everything clear.
The love that I have for you undoubtedly sure,
Sleep my darling baby, don’t cry, my baby evermore.”
Cherub snuck a glance behind her and smiled down at the bundle.
“Sweet Iberis, don’t worry, there is a small cave behond this hill, if we can only-“ Suddenly, a great paw swept Cherub off her feet and into the air. She was brought to face the most ferocious beast of them all, the feline, the plains cats, foraging food wherever they could find it. And Cherub had indeed been found. “I beg of you, great Fur-Cladded one, there is a thing I must attend to right away, please, eat me later, I will taste much better.” The Cat laughed with the sound of thirty knives being rubbed together.
“Silly mouse, there is no way I will fall for your tricks. I will eat you when I am fit to. And that is now!” He chuckled and brought Cherub to his gaping maw.
“Wait! I have a gift, o’ great one!” The cat stopped and brought Cherub level with his eyes.
“A gift, eh? What pitiful thing have you come to replace yourself with, Mouse?”
“A flower, a Iberis to be exact.”
“Ha! Fool. A flower, is it? I don’t have time for your games. I am getting more hungry.”
“No! The Iberis, you will find him beneath the reeds beyond the other side of this here river. You must promise to raise him as your own, and my blessing will make him the most mighty warrior you have ever seen. He will protect you, and do any errand you present him with. Trust me, Cat, I am wise.”
“Your offer intrigues me, but how am I to know if you are just a foolish old crone, a vermin from beneath our feet? Well... perhaps I will see to this Iberis, teach him that being a cat is better that being a worthless rat who lives underground. Mouse, you have my word, but know this one thing for sure; if this Iberis does not fulfill his duties for me, I will see to it personally that he is roasted and eaten.” The cat released Cherub and strolled over to the furthest reeds and found a bundle of ripped blankets, squirming and wailing. “A baby?! That old-“ A sharp pain stabbed through the cat’s paw and he looked down to see Cherub holding a sewing needle.
“The younger they are, the easier they are to train in the ways of a true warrior. Now go! Leave!” The cat scoffed at this.
“You really think that you have the right to talk-“
“GO!” The cat scowled at her and picked up Iberis in his jaws.
“I will be back, and most likely with a full stomach.”
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