Grace sang two songs; her’s and the ocean’s
Siren’s Song
The boat starting drifting left. I leaned over, watching my baby sister fall down into the freezing water. Mother dove in after her, selfless as always. I shot a worried glance over at Father, who pulled me into a tight embrace. I pulled away from him, just as a wave came in and carried me overboard. I heard a loud scream, which I assumed was Father’s.
The water was cold against my skin. I screamed, just to get a mouthful of water. Please, I thought, I don’t want to die! The world felt so big in these few moments. Like, no matter where or how far I went, I’d never find what I wanted. But also in those few moments, it felt as if the world stopped.
The most beautiful trio of girls approached me.
The first had long, silvery hair that fell to her waist in loose waves. Her skin was pale, and freckles had been sprinkled along her nose. She was fairly tall, probably a little less than six feet. Her emerald eyes stared me down, making me shrink down in size.
The next girl- who was very petite- looked entirely different, but with the same aura to her. She had straight, shoulder length chestnut hair and eyes of that same color. She had dark skin that made her stand out next to the first girl.
The last girl was magnificent. Her flaming red hair was cooled down by her icy blue eyes. She was around my height, barely taller. The one thing that set her apart was she was smiling. She had freckles draped across her nose, contrasting from her peachy skin.
“The Ocean sent us to you,” the first girl said, in a soft tone. “You requested life over death, did you not?”
I was in shock of her question. “Yes,” I replied shyly. “I did.”
“Can you promise that you will serve Her for the next one-hundred years?” the strange girl continued. Her coral dress floated gracefully around her.
“I-I...” I hesitated.
“Grace, it is this, or you may join your family. Join them, not save them,” the center girl, with smooth dark skin, warned me.
“Please choose soon,” the first girl added. “For Amaryllis, and Nellie, and I. Grace, this will change your life. Forever.”
“Choose wisely,” the last girl, with the red hair, concluded softly. Her eyes, gentle as ever, met mine, and for a moment, I felt sure of everything.
“Yes,” I promised. “I will join the Ocean, as a siren, to protect Her. For you, too-“ I paused, unsure of who I was addressing.
“Amaryllis,” the first said.
“Nellie,” the second exclaimed.
“Hadley,” the third announced, beaming.
There was a fiery sensation that passed through me, and I felt my clothes melt off, and float away. They were quickly replaced with flowing ribbons of amethyst silk.
“Come,” Hadley whispered, grabbing my wrists. “You have much to learn, and we must teach you.”
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