She was a red rose in a field of white. The moon in a sea of stars. A tree in the middle of a frozen tundra. A rainbow in a sky of gray. She stood out from the rest, stood out from the world, and she could never change that, no matter how hard she tried.
She was a small boat, a vast ocean away from the shore.
He was a single petal in a field of white roses. A dim star in a sea of constellations. One snowflake among the millions blanketing the ground. A small white cloud in a sky of gray. He blended in, no matter how hard he tried to be noticed.
He was one more drop of water to make up a vast ocean.
They were the soil that held the rose bushes in he ground. Their own constellation of four bright stars. The clouds that sent snow drifting to earth. The sun behind the clouds. They never fit in anywhere, yet without them the world would fall apart.
They were the rivers and raindrops that fed the waters of the ocean.
Together, they were
Thorns and all, visible through an expanse of blackness.
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