Six Sisters
Six Sisters. #PerfectRecipeForTrouble
I am Betty. I’m seventeen. I have a big family. Like REALLY big. As in SIX SISTERS big. Plus two birds, one cat, and Mom & Dad.
My sister Flavia is fifteen. Esther is thirteen. Joyce is eleven, and Nicole is nine. Oh yeah! There’s my two-year-old little sister Agnes. She’s so cute!
Then there’s our cat named Mauzi. Then there’s our birds Elf and Phoenix.
My dad goes to work everyday so we only see him at dinner time and in the night. Then there’s my mom, who has to take care of six daughters everyday. (The animals are Dad’s job). Usually I finish my homework first and help mom cook dinner. It takes awhile because, well- it’s eight mouths to feed.
Let me describe my sisters a little. Flavia likes to scold people and is one of the tallest sisters and one of the pretty ones.
Esther gets angry REALLY quickly and has a tendency to always bicker with Dad. It’s quite amusing.
Joyce gets sick easily. She’s nice and the prettiest one.
Nicole is a little different. She’s not a slacker at all. She is hardworking and really smart. She’s more of a spectator and often keeps to herself, except Joyce. The two of them are like best friends.
Agnes, is only two years old. But she’s got spunk.
I certainly have an interesting family...
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