different isn’t bad-it’s just being you
Six Strings
‘’Hi Madox,’’ I heard somebody say behind me in line.
‘’Hiya!’’ I chirped balancing my books on my lap.
Whew this was a lot of stuff!
I counted three textbooks, my cube and a Chromebook. I marched over to my desk and proudly tapped the name tag.
It was bolded and carefully spelled just how I liked it.
‘’Sign in and take the poll online about elephants okay?’’ the teacher asked.
‘’Mr Whatever your name um..what exactly is what’s your name again?’’
The guy rubbed his face and he looked sad for a second.
I tapped my fingers on the desk.
‘’Hello!’’ I shouted waving my hands at him.
‘’What do we do when we have a question?’’ the unnamed teacher asked.
I shrugged and picked up my cube.
Flick tick flick tick, my thumbs flew across it as I played with it.
‘’Madox,’’ he snapped at me.
Flick tick flick tick
I almost got the ball to the top. A kid next to me with red hair, Freddy I think patted my arm.
‘’Don’t touch me,’’ I ordered.
I hated people touching me.
Why did they touch me anyway?
I put my hand up and sighed.
‘’My name is Mr. Oink,’’ he said.
I giggled. ‘’Oink like a pig?’’ I laughed jumping up. The Freddy kid tried not to laugh.
‘’Oink Oink Oink!’’ I cried jumping around the desk.
Mr. Oink ran over to the phone speedy fast and began talking in it.
The class was laughing, laughing and I began crawling on the ground.
‘’Oink Oink! That’s what pigs do!’’ I grinned.
Then a man with white hair came in.
‘’Come with me Madox,’’ he said in a dark voice.
He sounded like Darth Vader.
‘’Okey dokey Darth Vader,’’ I giggled and jumped up to my feet.
The man said his name was Mr. Rice. That was really boring. ‘’Bye Madox,’’ I heard Mr. Oink say.
‘’Oink Oink!’’ I answered.
Oink Oink Oink.
The door shut and I jumped in place.
‘’Your mom is here Madox,’’ he said.
I pulled out my cube and started playing with it.
‘’Did you hear me Madox? Please listen,’’ Mr. Rice’s voice was getting louder.
Flick tick flick tick
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