By Storyteller One
I’m terrified. I woke up in the woods, I was surrounded by massive, monstrous trees and a great wind that was overwhelming and uncontrollable. I could hardly see where I was at or where I was going. The air was filled with musky fog that made me feel nauseous. As I was walking through the fog, I saw bright red eyes that looked like the sun and a growl that was echoing through the ground.
I screamed and ran in the opposite direction, only to be blocked by the same, cold, bright red eyes. I started running away from the both of them, but I tripped over a log. The beasts were getting closer and closer, and I scrambled backwards, too scared to stand up. I backed up into a tree, as the beasts started coming out of the shadows. They had black scales on their nose that reminded me of a dog’s. I started to stand up and run, but as I did, someone jumped from the trees and ran towards the beasts.
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