The AdvenTures of
The Baby dragon
There once lived a boy that imagined great things till one day a dream he had came a dragon he trained with was finally had an egg all he could think of was what to call it so he jumped on to the saddle of his dragon and flew up and up to clouds. He wanted to come here to clear his head to think of a name but all he could think of was claw which he thought wasn’t good enough so he told his dragon that they should go home. As soon as he said that the dragon dived down to the ocean to see where their island was. Just in the distance they could see a faint speck of coulor.
The boy knew this was the place he knew that the little dragon would have made a mess, and that his father would have come home to a mess so all he could say to his father was sorry. He told his father at dinner that the little dragon didn’t know what it was doing and that if he kept it outside it would have ran away.
His father knew this was true and told him to just help clean up the mess. There were things everywhere and his room was the worst. It was burnt all over and by the time they were done cleaning three days had gone. And his father had to leave on a hunting trip so he was all alone.
The next day he woke to see to yellow eyes at his feet he knew his dragon had came up there to wake him up to get a morning flight. So he got breakfast and was off.

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