My december challenge entry- Hope you like iT!
Smiling Faces
I hope you all like my December Challenge entry! After reading some other submissions I was pretty discouraged by how amazing they were- but I hope you guys like this! It’s a little sad, but I did my best!
Debbie Isabelle Evans. D.I.E.
Even her name seemed to want her gone.
Just like everyone else.
Smiling faces. Cold eyes.
Sideways glances. Petty lies.
The balcony. Tall, proud. Like her family. Like her friends.
So dangerous.
All of them. Standing tall. Looking past the broken glass scattered on the pavement below.
So easy. She could jump. Fall. Scattered like the glass.
It had been too much. Finally it could be over.
A year. 12 whole months of waiting. Aching. Searching.
For what?
It had all come to nothing.
He never looked her way. Never even knew her name.
Smiling faces. Cold eyes.
Sideways glances. Petty lies.
Old phone. Cracked screen. Brightness turned low. Battery draining.
She had tried. Tried to reach him. Tried to tell him.
She loved him.
But he never looked her way.
Nobody ever looked her way.
Alone. Unloved. It hurt.
So easy to jump. So easy to let it all go.
What a way to start a new year. To start with the end.
Fireworks in the distance. So bright.
Like him. A small smile. A lonely tear.
Shaky hands pulling out the phone.
No message. No text. Not from him. Not from anyone.
Forgotten on New Year’s.
Rugged breath. Gentle sniff. Tears falling. Like memories.
Painful. But so beautiful.
Frightened arms pulling. Buckling knees waver atop the railing.
So close. So far.
Quivering fingers. Bleeding heart.
Faces below. Fathers. Mothers. Children. Lovers. Dreamers. Liars.
Smiling faces. Cold eyes.
Sideways glances. Petty lies.
One memory. Three words.
So full at the time. So empty now.
Forgotten on New Year’s.
Forgotten all year.
Lost hope. No more. Cut too deep. Bleeding out. Holding breath. Ready.
But wait. A sound. A movement. Vibration. The phone.
Shuddering breath. Raspy cries. Too scared. Shaking hands. Cracked phone.
One message. Who from?
Looks up. Across the buildings. Opposite balcony. Opposite smile.
Heart stops. He stands. Breathes her name, ‘Debbie Isabelle Evans’.
Eyes lock. Lips dry. She hesitates. He sees her. He knows.
Knows she was about to jump. Heart aches. He has to stop her.
He points. The phone. Her eyes fall. The cracked screen.
One message.
Who from? From him.
Tears stream. Fireworks scream. Not forgotten on New Year’s.
Opens text. Whispers words. Reading.
‘I love you, Debbie Evans. I need you. Don’t leave me. Please.’
One message. One text.
The entire world.
Her whole life.
Glass scattered on the pavement. Used to make a glistening chandelier.
New hope. New love. Just enough. Just enough for New Year’s.
Smiling faces. His eyes.
Loving glances. No lies.
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