Her Aura was grey.
Despite her perky, auburn hair, her brightly shining green eyes, and her little pink shoes, it was grey.
It surrounded her like a thick blanket of sorrow, so massive that it even began to darken my own golden glow around me.
I followed her.
I followed her as she carried that grey burden on her tiny toddler shoulders.
I followed her as she ran straight into the arms of her family.
Her family had blood red Auras.
They shone brightly when her family spoke.
They pulled and tugged at my Aura, hungry for it’s immense power.
I swatted them away.
I didn’t like red Auras.
Still don’t.
10 years later.
She’s not a toddler.
But her Aura is still grey.
I sit down beside her on a branch. I can’t bear to watch her suffer much longer with such cruel parents.
Yet I must leave, I have work to do, and I can’t have her darkening my Aura any more than she and her family have over these years.
I bless her with dreams and leave.
To fix more Auras.
His Aura was Grey too.
He smiles as he pulls the rabbit out of the hat, but the smile never reaches his eyes.
He yells, “TADA!” and waves his hands, his words full of artificial enthusiasm.
Though he does seem to be trying.
The curtains close.
He steps backstage.
His family awaits.
His aura lightens a bit, turning a rosy shade of pink.
There is hope for him...
An older woman speaks.
I can only assume she is the mother.
“Not fit for magic either. No enthusiasm. I’m beginning to think that you have no purpose.”
His Aura darkens again, back to grey.
His dreams are crushed.
It doesn’t seem like the first time.
He stands outside, watching the fireflies.
Yet again, I must leave.
But maybe there is something I can do.
I bless him with dreams, and leave with a smile, knowing that I have done something right.
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