Social Anxiety
He’s staring. I know he’s staring
Look at her. She knows how stupid I am
Did I just hear my name?
Oh no! People are talking about me
Wait, what class am I going to again?
Oh god, what if I go to the wrong classroom?
People are looking at me again!
That girl just laughed! Is she laughing at me?
I should’ve worn my blue jacket instead of my brown!
I’m such an idiot!
I can’t see where I’m going in this huge wall of people!
What if I accidently go to the boys restroom?
What if I walk in on someone in the bathroom? Then what do I do?
Oh no! I left my physics notebook in my locker! I have to go back and get it!
Oh god, people are going to judge me if they see me at my locker again
See? I knew it! They’re staring
Ugh, this girl keeps bumping into me! But if I bump into her back, will she judge me?
I swear that girl just laughed at me
Is he looking at me funny?
Oh no! I won’t be able to sit in this skirt!
I am so stupid!
Shhhh. Calm the thoughts and just enjoy this magical ride called life. Sure, it has it’s fair share of twists and turns, ups and downs, but in the end, everything will be okay.

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