I used to know you, but now I don’t. What changed?
Somebody I Used To Know
From the beginning of ninth grade, nothing was at it seemed.
Not the way the school worked, or how the teachers ignore what was going on around them. Not even the students, who were so cruel and brutal to each other it made me want to puke.
Nothing about the school was perfect.
Nothing about him was perfect, either.
He wasn’t the same, not after five years.
He didn’t have that same charming smile he had; that look in his eyes that to,d you he was curious about something with such intensity, it made you want to go along with him; the way he laughed, echoing through the air and the room; the way he had made friends so easily, when he just walked up to them and smiled warmly at them; the way he talked so soft, like he would hurt anyone he was talking to, like he was worried they would break.
Like he was worried that he would destroy them with his own hands.
Now, after five years, he isn’t the same.
He never told me why, or what caused him to change.
It was like he was a stranger.
Like he was someone who forgot everything.
He was someone I used to know.
But now, I don’t think I do.
Especially now, when he’s leaving me again.
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