Ok...There Is Definitely...
Something About Mana
Toya - Fateful Meeting
I looked at Mana in the corner of my eye. She looked really annoyed of this teacher. The teacher sure enough was extremely annoying since all she talked about was her past, but at this time, Mana was ready to snap. Her smile was twitching and her eyelids were dimmed down. I could see it as clear as day. She was about to crack. All of a sudden, she stood up from her desk, making a loud BANG! Everyone fell into silence and stared at her. She wasn’t smiling anymore and her eyelids were narrowed.
“Is something wrong, Mana?” the teacher asked her.
“You bet there’s a problem!” she yelled.
The teacher put her hand up to indicate her to quiet down. Mana waited for the teacher to say something else. No one has ever back talked to the teacher before...except for her. She always has a problem with the teacher’s plans for class or when another student just happens to say something stupid. She is something that you could call...tsundere or just plain mean.
“What is that problem you speak of?” the teacher asked again.
“The problem is your teaching methods.” Mana glared at her deeply. “Maybe it’s just that you still don’t have your teaching degree.”
The teacher flinched at the words she used against her.
“Don’t talk to me like that!” she scowled. “Go to the principal’s office.”
“Don’t talk to me like you’re my mother ‘cause you definitely aren’t.”
They went back and forth for a little while until I couldn’t take it much longer. All of this arguing between the both of them was continuous. Every single day was the same old and it was stupid. Yeah, we weren’t really doing important stuff, but the point is to get ready for the job you’re about to have. Even though kids in high school barely get jobs that quickly, we get ours pretty fast. I’m getting off track. Anyways, I stood up from my desk too and added something to what Mana stated.
“Do you have your teacher’s degree?” I asked. “This is the second to last day of school and you still don’t have it?”
Suddenly, the classroom bursted with sound; one person talking to another, several people making noises just because they wanted to.
“Calm down childr-“ The teacher started to say something and then, turned her gaze to the both of us. “Leave this classroom...NOW.”
I shrugged and walked towards her. She seemed that she wanted to rebel a little bit longer, but before she could say anything, I shook my head at her. She wasn’t really okay with the teacher at this time. She was ready to rear back at her. Luckily, she turned the other direction and walked out the door behind us.
“What the heck is wrong with you kids?!” the principal yelled at us. “All you have to do is sit down in class and learn about what you want to do as a job. What is the problem with that?!”
I looked at him with a straight face as I was sitting in a cushion chair. Mana was doing the same thing except she had a slight frown on her face. I think she doesn’t like the principal’s office either. When I say either, I mean I hated it too.
“Answer me when I’m talking to you!” the principal yelled.
“Shut your mouth!” Mana yelled back, putting her hand up in annoyance. “Your voice is such an annoyance!”
The principal’s mouth dropped wide open. He was as surprised as I was. If you spoke to the head of the school like that, you could definitely get kicked out. In my mind though, I felt like she had something planned and I felt like she had me in that plan.
“Don’t talk to me that way!” the principal yelled even more. “I could suspend you from this school!”
“I think you’d be better off just shutting up,” I muttered, standing up out of my chair.
The principal looked at me with an angry glare.
“What did you just say?” he asked slowly.
“Just shut up already!” I said a little louder. “Your voice is pretty annoying!”
As he ranted on about his adulthood and how he should be treated, I used my hands to mimic him in a childish way.
“Nobody really cares about your lectures,” Mana chimed in. “All they’re really worth is a rat’s-“
“Both of you! Expelled!” the principal yelled.
I looked at Mana and she looked back at me. We shrugged our shoulders at each other and stood up from our chairs. The principal began to say something when she cut him off.
“We’re expelled so let us be.” She turned her back to him and opened the door, leaving behind a perfume scent.
“I’m leaving too,” I said with a more serious tone, leaving right behind her.
When I looked to the right of me, I saw Mana walking out of the school. I began to follow her and I think she noticed me. She turned her head to the left and she began to walk faster. I was determined so I walked faster. Then, she walked a bit faster. And so did I. So in the hallway, there were two expelled students super-speed walking out the door. After a little while, she turned around quickly, flashing her long silvery, blue hair at me.
“Why are you following me?” Mana questioned me.
“We’re both expelled so what-“ I began, but was swiftly cut off by her.
“I’m going to get my job degree,” she answered. “Don’t follow me.”
Even though this might sound weird, I was planning on going there too. The longer I didn’t have a job, the longer I would have to live off of someone else. For your information, I really do NOT want to live with anyone else except for myself. I’m alone ‘till the rest of my life...until now. I’ll admit that I didn’t have any friends at this school. I probably had one, but he never really comes to school anymore. He probably got expelled as well.
“Answer me!” Mana said loudly.
“Sorry,” I apologized, still not knowing what she said.
“I know you weren’t paying attention so,” she continued walking down to the door and said what she did before. “You can follow me, but don’t be in the same job as me. I’m gonna keep my job for sure, got it?”
She whipped back around and walked out of the school. As you know, I was close behind her the whole way. Then, for some reason, she stopped in the middle of the road. I looked at the back of her head and saw a weird glint of cuteness. As soon as I gazed upon her, I stopped. I made a light whimper in a...strange way. That’s when I looked down; there was a small puddle that seemed to be of tears. I didn’t think it was Mana because I’ve never seen her cry before. I ignored it and we slowly continued down the road, passing several more houses than before. At the end of the road though, that’s where the Requisition Laboratory was. The only reason it had laboratory was because of the way you get your job. You’ll see.
“What job do you two want?” the woman said. “Here’s a list you can choose from. Also, I’ll be needing your ID’s manufacturing address.”
We both handed over our ID’s address and took a look at the list. It read:
“I just want to say one thing,” Mana mentioned. “What’s up with the question mark one?”
“Yeah,” I said too. “What is this one supposed to mean?”
The woman looked at us with a scared look.
“It’s something that you shouldn’t choose, but...we’re forced to put this in the list of jobs.” Her voice was a little shaky. “If you pick this one, I suggest you choose as many other jobs as possible to escape that job.”
Mana looked at me with a straight face and I felt like I understood what she wanted me to do. That was a face of natural suggestiveness.
“I would like to take that job!” we both exclaimed in unison.
We both looked at each other with a deep glare.
“We both are NOT getting the SAME job!” she emphasized. “We agreed on this before we got here!”
“I’m trying to get something different FROM YOU!” I said back. “You should go ahead and be a doctor or something!”
“Why don’t you both be the same job?” she suggested. “There are barely any to do the job in the first place.”
We both looked at the woman and did a loud sigh.
“You both seem like you could be a couple in arms,” she added.
Then, we both started to freak out...a lot.
“With him?” Mana questioned. “I’d jump off a building before that happens! We just met a while ago!”
“With her?” I questioned at the same time. “I’d smash my head to a million bits before that happens! We just met!”
The woman chuckled and swung her hand to the side.
“Say what jobs you want before you take this on and before you get started,” she said with a little more tone.
We both looked at the sheet of paper and only noticed four jobs that appealed to us. But the main one you need to know about is the mystery one. That was the one I had decided on. At the same time, I wasn’t too sure about what Mana would choose.
“I’ll do the one with the question marks and whatever comes with it,” I stated with determination.
I looked at her to see what job she would say and to my surprise, she said...
“I’ll do the same thing as he does.”
“Great!” the woman exclaimed. “Let’s get you guys started up!”
We walked into the room that the woman led us to and it was a large room with two doctor beds on each opposite side of the room. There was a man standing there with his hand plunged into something. He took it out and a large syringe came out with an orange and purple looking serum.
“Choose one,” he told us.
Mana went ahead and took the purple one and I just took the last one there.
“What now?” she asked as the woman began to leave.
The man walked over to her and took the syringe out of her hand. He began to perform the shot all by himself, putting it into her arm and injecting the serum into her body. She shivered a little bit and a light glow came from her blue eyes. I wanted to get the shot, but at the same time, I didn’t want a shot. I wasn’t too fond of them in my childhood.
“Tense,” the man said. “No pain, no gain.”
I tensed up and he stabbed the syringe into my right arm. I could feel the fluids inside my bloodstream and a light sensation came onto me. It all felt way too...comfortable.
“Your missions begin tomorrow,” the man informed us. “Go to the Fallout Dorms and stay there until eight o’ clock p.m.”
Mana looked at my eyes and quickly got up and left, leaving the whole facility as fast as possible. I got up to follow her and caught up right beside her. She had a worried face.
“What’s wrong with you?” I asked her. “Seems pretty bad from the looks of it, right?”
“When I was leaving, that woman said that everything was packed in our room,” she explained. “After a little while, I noticed she put the word ‘our’ in the sentence.”
“We’ll just have to see what our rooms look like,” I said smoothly.
Mana obviously wasn’t phased by what I said, so I went ahead and led the way towards the dorms. I didn’t know where they were originally, but I felt that I saw it before near the school. It was a little ways behind the school. When we actually got there, the Fallout Dorms were very high quality. It was a two story house with a blue tint to it. That was my kind of house. But inside of the house was a different story. There was a bunk bed there, but that was the only bedroom available inside.
“I guess I’ll just have the top bunk,” I said, walking towards the beds. “You can sleep on the bottom if you want.”
“You don’t have a problem with this?” she asked me. “This is pretty weird since we barely met.”
I sighed and walked back towards her. Her face was a little red, but I didn’t mind that much apart from her being a little different now.
“My name is Toya Mitsu.” I introduced myself with a nice tone. “How about your name?”
I already knew what it was. If I told her that then, I would sound like a creep that stalks people for a living.
“My name is Mana Naomi.” She had a nice tone also with a curteous smile. I felt like we were actually getting a little near a friendship.
Now that this all happened, I can officially think this.
This is when the great Mana Naomi came into my life.

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