What happens when everyone starts fainting out of nowhere?
Soul Stealer
Souls are being stolen
Aronia-I’m walking through the streets when I feel a sudden cold wash out of me. I feel like I can’t walk and that my legs are jelly. My eyes suddenly close and I collapse. I keep trying to keep my eyes open and people are huddling around me. Three of them are calling 911. I see a light pink swan dance through the air and that is when my eyes close.
Jason- Grabbing a bagel, I head out the door for school, “Hurry up!” the bus driver yells “I’m coming!” I yell back, mimicking him. I smile at him as I walk to my seat. I sit next to Mike and slouch back. “I’m beat” Mike laughs. “School hasn’t even started yet!” We both start laughing and then off we go to school. When we get off the bus I feel tingly. Strange, I think. I shake it off and head into class when I feel a cold burst out of me. I fall down with a thump. Everyone stares at me. Mike grabs my hand and hoists me up. “You ok?” He asks. “Yea” I answer him with a slight smile. I still feel tingly though. My legs feel faint but I try to push through it. All of a sudden I fall, harder this time. Mike starts freaking out “This isn’t a joke come on dude!” I see a dark blue ghost like tiger run through the air. Then everything goes black.
Lilian- I see everyone huddling around someone. I try to see but I am too tall. I keep on my tiptoes but it is not worth it. I see a small gap and I push in. I see a girl, about my age, huddled in a ball and she is really pale. I hear sirens and I start asking everyone what is going on. Most people ignore me but one person answers, “This girl just went pale and passed out on us. We called nine one one though so don’t worry. You should be getting to school though.” She pats my back and turns to the police to tell them the story. Now I’m getting a little dizzy. I guess I’m just hungry. I go to Casey’s and grab a nut bar. While I’m paying I feel like I’m gonna fall. I grip the counter but it doesn’t work very well. My head clonks against the counter and I hear the lady scream. Police come rushing in here and I see a faint purple puppy skipping away. I reach my hand out weakly but the world disappears and I see darkness.
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