There are people in the stars
Space Kid
“Mother, do you think there are people in the stars?” Parker asked. He was lying on his back in the damp grass, and pointed up at the night sky. They were camping as they often did in the late spring. This night was particularly chilling, and Parker’s mother quickly wrapped his jacket around him.
“I don’t know Parker. We just can’t be sure, I suppose,” she responded. “Now zip your coat, you’ll catch cold.” He did as he was told.
“Maybe there’s someone looking right back at me right now, you think?” He continued, tilting his head and using his small hands like binoculars around his eyes. His mother brushed off the question.
“Parker, it’s getting late. Maybe you ought to get to bed in the tent,” she said, putting more wood on their camp fire. “Good heavens, it’s cold,” she mumbled, rubbing her hands together.
“Mum, I want to sleep under the stars tonight,” he said, placing a small pink thumb in his mouth.
“Goodness no, you’ll surely fall ill! Five more minutes, got it bub?” She said, placing another blanket on top of him.
“Alright,” Parker responded, frowning a little. His mother kissed his head and scurried into the tent.
“God, is it cold...”
“Hello up there,” Parker whispered to the moon. “I wonder what it’s like up there...” He placed his thumb back into his mouth.
“Father, do you think there’s people down there?” Stella asked. She twirled one of her caramel curls on her finger.
“I’m not sure, Stella, but I think there are,” he responded sitting down next to her. Their moon was bright tonight.
“I do too,” she said. “Hello down there!” Stella exclaimed, waving at the Earth. Her father giggled.
“Do you think I could ever visit the Earth, daddy?” She asked.
“I dunno, twinkle. Would you like to?”
“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” She nodded over and over, clasping her hands together joyously.
“Then we must!” Her father said, tapping her nose playfully.
“Oh, yes!”
Stella walked gingerly down the moon beam, holding her father’s hand behind her. She touched the damp grass nervously with one toe. It was quite chilly, much too chilly for Stella to be wearing her simple night gown. She worked up the courage to continue onto the land.
“Oh!” She exclaimed excitedly, spinning in a circle. Her father laughed again.
“Hush, twinkle! You might wake someone,” he said. Stella nodded. Then she gasped.
“Father, what is that?” She tugged on his sleeve and pointed to a blanketed lump that rose and fell in a soft, slow repetition.
“Perhaps we should investigate, eh?” He said. Stella nodded again.
Stella fell to her knees by the lump. It was a boy! He was wrapped tightly in blankets, and seemed to be fast asleep. He held one thumb between his lips. Stella watched him intently as her father caught up.
“Don’t wake him now, Stella,” he warned. She nodded as she always did.
Suddenly, the boy began to stir. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He wasn’t startled one bit by Stella’s presence.
“Hello there,” Stella greeted. She twirled another strand of hair around her finger, and tugged the hem of her nightgown around her knees.
“Hi. Where’d you come from? Am I dreaming?” He asked tiredly. Stella pointed up at the moon.
“My name is Stella, and I’m from the moon! Who are you?”
“I’m Parker. Are you really from the moon?” He asked, looking at Stella’s father now.
“Of course we are! And you’re really from the Earth?” He said, pushing up his glasses.
“Of course I am,” Park said, giggling. “I always knew there were people in the stars.” Stella smiled at him.
“Father, I always knew there were people on the Earth!”
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