Understanding animals is a true power
Speaking to Wildlife
Shades of Green
There was a rustle in a bush. “Who’s there?” a young woman shouted, for she had never been this far out in the woods.
A gray wolf jumped out of the bushes and howled.
“Scram! Get out of here!” she spoke. The wolf hurried along it’s path.
The young woman continued, picking berries from the bushes for her mother and little sister. There was very little food supply in the family’s home, and she was the person that day for collection.
Once the basket was full of fresh berries and herbs, the girl hurried back to an oak tree.
“ Furshia Montemay,” she whispered, and the oak tree’s trunk turned into a pulley. The young lady stepped inside, and pulled herself upward.
“I’m home, mother!” the girl called. “With blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries!”
“Fabulous, Abilene,” a tall figure appeared. “Bring them to the churner so then we can make jam.”
“Okay, mother,”Abilene said, and took the basket over to the barrel with a wooden stick inside. She poured the berries into the barrel.
“ Ebele! Bring me the sugar, please!” Abilene’s mother shouted up the stairs.
“Coming, Mommy!” a young girl replied, and rushed down the stairs with sugar cane plants in her arms.
“Pour them into the churner,” the mother told her, and Ebele did as she was told.
“Splendid! You guys can go for a hike out in the wilderness while I make mixed berry jam,” said the mother.
“Yes mother,” the two siblings said, and looked at each other nastily. They both hated each other to the guts, and each daughter was trying to be the better child.
Abilene pulled her sister down to the bottom of the oak tree, and said firmly to Ebele, “You can go as far as that Willow tree over there, but if you want to go further, you have to come tell me.”
“Fine,” Ebele sighed, and skipped off to the willow tree. Abilene watched her carefully and thought, She’s never going to grow up.

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Past the Willow Tree

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