A book of poems.
I am the new kid.
Nobody talks to me.
I hear snickers as I pass by.
I feel like a droplet-
Of water.
In a bucket.
I feel-
Like one dot on a ladybug.
I am nothing.
Nobody knows me-
Nobody cares.
I am the one droplet of water-
In a bucket
The teacher calls out my name.
Her eyes look right through me.
I am nothing.
Somebody taps my shoulder.
I turn around. They hand me a note.
It says,
‘You are ugly,
I crumple it.
I am nothing.
Even they say so.
What is nothing?
What is something?
I am nothing.
They are something.
My throat burns.
But I do not cry.
Because I am nothing.
Somebody taps my shoulder.
I turn around.
The boy hands me a note.
I hold it, but I crumple it.
Because I am nothing.
The bell rings.
Kids single file out of the door.
Somebody taps my shoulder.
I turn around.
Same boy-
has a note
I read.
‘You are not ugly’
I smile.
He smiles back.
I am something.
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