April Challenge 2018
Spring Adventures
Spring Adventures
The marvels of spring almost make it seem fanciful,
All the flowers and trees make it so beautiful.
The benevolent creatures make sweet sounds when the sun rises,
You can only hear them if you quietly listen.
The lime green grass is growing as much as it can,
The wind rushes as softly as a fan.
Where did all this relaxing peace originate from?
Mother Nature is trying to ask you to spend time with her and come.
Unlike summer, the sun won’t sear the trees,
Instead, the leaves flow through the air with the placid breeze.
Spring is a wondrous season and incredibly engrossing,
You will find yourself in a garden, constantly running.
A place of nature in spring puts your woes away,
The brisk wind blows slowly, with that pace everyday.
Spring is the time where I have he most fun,
I love to play under the light of the bright warm sun.
Spring has always been the best time of the year for me,
It is such a fascinating world to see.
Just saying a quick hello, readers! To get a shout-out, comment below saying what your favorite line of the poem was. And for subscribers, I will work on Chapter 4 of Spirits Up High! I haven’t started, so sorry for the inconvenience! I have been working on new stories, like The Lost Sister and a story which will hopefully come out soon called Divided! Thanks for understanding!
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