spy cat
Spy Cat
Spy Cat Revealed
There are ginger cats, Siamese cats, British short-hairs, Scottish folds, and more. Hi, I’m Georgia, just a stray. I’m just like the other strays that live around here, right? Well no. I’m the stray that stands out from them all. They call me, ‘Spy Cat’
To be honest with you, I don’t really know what a spy cat is or what a spy cat does. But they all say that I’m sneaky, suspicious and different from the pack. They always tell me to put on these black-semicircles-with-a-black-line-connecting-the-semicircles . So I put them on, and they are amazed with what they see. Now I really feel like a spy cat, even though I don’t what a spy cat is.
That night, before we went to sleep, I asked the pack what a spy cat is. They all said that spies are sneaky, mysterious and look cool (better than an ordinary stray). The black-semicircles-with-a-black-line-connecting-the-semicircles, were actually black sunglasses (who would of known). Off to bed I go. Oh, still no comfy bed.
Before the others awoke, I was sneaking around the ally, making sure no-one was watching me (even though I didn’t know what I was doing in the first place). They awoke before I came back and instantly knew I was doing a spy cat thing. I was out for hours with my awesome new black sunglasses, until someone yelled, “Spy Cat, where are you?” That was my best friend, Jade, she always goes with me wherever I go. She wondered why I didn’t meet with her earlier on this morning. I told her I was doing a spy cat thing.
Well, I forgot to mention that Jade is a dachshund. Dogs and cats don’t really get along very well, but Jade and I are best friends. I told her that I had spy cat missions to go on. All she did was cried softly. “If you’re in danger, Spy Cat will be there to rescue you!”
Days went on, night went off, and still no problems to solve. Well hopefully soon the day may come.

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