Amy and Joe couldnt be more different
Saving the day
Amy finished the last of her toast and fluffed the end on her short, black hair.
Just another school day. She thought as she brushed the crumbs off the table.
She slung a black bag over her shoulders and locked the door. As she waited for the bus she noticed a store’s siren going off. Then a hooded man run out, then another, and another. One with Mr. Simin, the storekeeper, by the hand, dragging him toward a black limousine. No one seemed to notice and Amy watched helplessly as the car drove away. She pulled out her cellphone but then was grabbed by the neck of her shirt. A knife was held to her neck and a hoarse voice whispered,
“If you call the police your dead.”
It then vanished and the knife was removed. The bus pulled up and Amy hopped in, stunned by what had just happened.
Joe watched as a Mr. Simin was pulled into the van with a gag over his mouth.
That’s cool! A robber right in front of my eyes!
He also watched a teenage girl pull out a phone and then got a knife to her throat. The man behind was in a hooded, black cloak. He couldn’t hear what he was saying with his headphones on but he was sure it was a death threat. The bus pulled up and the man slipped away and Joe followed the threatened girl onto the bus.
Amy looked behind her to see if the man was still there but only a boy about her age followed. He looked into her eyes and gave her a reassuring thumbs up, and then took a seat in the front. Amy then found the only seat open was one next to that boy. She edged closer and then sat down. He took off his headphones and said,
“Hey! I saw you get strangled by that man.”
“Why didn’t you do anything?”
“It was cool to watch.”
Amy rolled her eyes and asked,
“What school do you go to?”
“How come I have never seen you?”
“I don’t go to school a lot.”
That ended that conversation. He slipped his headphones back on and tapped his foot to the music.
“Idiot.” Amy muttered.
At the school she jumped off and the boy followed.
“What’s you name?” He asked behind her.
Amy turned and saw he had his headphones off.
“Amy. Yours?”
“Joe. Want to come to my house after school? We can eat popcorn and play video games.”
“Can’t I got homework.”
“You actually do that stuff? I got a better idea! Let’s go and check out that robbed store!”
“We could get caught. Now I got to go, might be late for class.” She stalked off, leaving Joe behind.
Joe half listened to class. He was still thinking about Amy, the beautiful girl that would make a great picture. After school he would get to work on it. Afterwards he would give it over to Amy and ask her on a date. How hard could it be?
After school Joe missed the bus because he was daydreaming, so he had to walk home. At his apartment he threw his bag on the ground and ordered a garlic pizza. Then he went to his desk, the only thing not messy and smelly. He sketched out Amy’s face and hair, with her soft green eyes and white skin. When finished, he painted it as good as he could. The pizza came and he munched on it until 3:00. He then threw on a clean pair of jeans and left the house, leaving his wonderful painting behind.
Amy was finishing her last question when the doorbell rang. Cautiously she turned the handle and found herself face to face with Joe.
“Hello. Why are you here?”
“Want to go out with me at six. Here’s my address.”
Amy was startled. They were so different and yet, he liked her and surprisingly, she liked him back.
“I will.”
“I have something for you.” Amy saw him reach back and feel his pocket.
“No! I forgot it!”
“That’s okay. You can give to me at six.”
She then shut the door and took a deep breath.
That was weird. She thought, and went back to her work.
When Joe went back to his apartment he saw the door was off his hinges and the inside was messier. He then was clocked on the head and everything went black.
He woke up tied to a chair.
This is simple. He thought. I can untie these cords with my toes.
He kicked off his flip flops and untied the bottom cords and then bent like a contortionist and untangled the top ones. That was when he noticed a sleeping guard. He spat the gag out of his mouth ans felt his head. There was a large lump on it. His phone and headphones were in a corner and he ran and picked them up.
Their guard system isn’t that good.
He slipped past the man and took his lanyard to activate the door. He walked out into a courtyard. Joe relized that he was in one cell of many. In a giant circle, one hundred or so rooms with bared doors. He also noticed that his was the only one without a guard in front. He walked past all the guards that looked like they had been drugged. At the end of the entrance was a black limo like the one that Mr. Simin had been taken in. He climbed inside and found a key.
It’s a good thing I have a drivers license.
He spun the wheel and sped away. Soon he came to a place he recognized and he drove to Amy’s house. He hoped she was still waiting for him.
Amy sat on the front steps of her apartment waiting. Her sparkly dress was getting terribly intchy and it was growing dark. Then out of the blue, a black limousine came into view. A figure came into view and she started to run up the steps. Her high heels caught the back of her dress and she tripped. The dress teared and she struggled to get up.
“Amy its me.” Joe’s calm voice came out.
He helped Amy to her feet and Joe guided her to the car.
“My dress is ripped.”
“No matter Amy.”
“Why were you an hour late!”
“I got kidnapped and then I escaped.”
“That easily?”
“You can hear me explain it to the police. We’re going to save the day!”
They climbed in the car and then a black man grasped the two by their necks.
“No one is going to the police.”
Joe was again tied to a chair. The guard was no longer asleep and Amy was still knocked out. He spit out the gag just as easily and yelled,
“Hey you evil man! Why are you doing this?”
“Because my boss told me to.”
“Were you forced to do this?”
The man’s eyes filled with tears and sadly he gulped,
“I was kidnapped and then told I would die if I don’t do this. They are kid napping all of Little Town until they have everyone. Then they are transporting us to England to work as slaves.”
“If you get us out we will help you get out.” Amy said, and Joe relized she was only pretending to be knocked out.
“I can’t.”
Joe quickly untied the last knot he had been working on while the guards attention was away. He bolted to he and head butted his nose. Then kicked in the shins like a little child. The man fell to the ground in pain and Joe ran over and untied Amy’s knots.
“You okay?” She asked.
Joe didn’t answer, but turned red.
“We need to free all of them.” He said instead.
“No. It’s too risky. We need to go and get the police, then they can come back.”
The two fought their way through the entrance and then climbed into another limo. Joe slammed on the engine and they shot off to the Little Town Police Station.
“Your telling me that you two got in jail and then escaped and found all the people that have been kidnapped on a date?” Chief Maxwell asked.
“Yes sir.”
“Well then congratulations! We will need to go and free them instantly.”
They all climbed in and Amy rested her head on the window. Her neck still hurt from where the man had grabbed her. She was sure that was the same man that threatened her before and if the bus hadn’t come, she would still be in the cell being taught to guard innocent people.
It took a long time to reach the place for it was hidden well but soon they found in and the police ran in and collected all the people and loaded them in trucks. The injured were taken to the hospital and the guards were arrested. They also got word that the head of the society had run away at the sound of the sirens and he had locked all the cells so no guards could get out. At Amy’s apartment she looked Joe straight in the eye.
“We are different but opposites attract.”
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