A bucket list in verse
One evening
I get a call
It’s from the doctor
They found something in my scan
It’s probably nothing
But I go in anyway
I hate hospitals
There’s death everywhere
Surrounding you
Choking you
They run some tests
And give me extended screenings
Just to make sure I’m okay
I’m not okay
They say I have cancer
I ask them to repeat it
I have cancer
It’s lung cancer
Stage four, they say
But they can treat it
So I can live longer
I say: “Okay”
But they don’t stop
They keep telling me
Everything that’s wrong
With me
The survival rate
For my kind of cancer
Isn’t even three percent
Then they leave
As if everything is okay
Even though
Nothing is okay
“Okay” doesn’t even look
Like a word anymore
Just a lie
To get through the day
But I know the truth
I’m going to die
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