We all should have hope
Staring Out My Window
Chapter 1:
Who I Am
My name is Kristine James Young who is 10, but people call me Kristine. I live with my beautiful Mom named Carrie, my handsome Dad named Carl, my funny grandma named Margaret, my 17 year old brother named Brian, and my 5 year old sister Kate.
I have this bay window that I had ever since I was young. I always looked out my window every morning, to see what was happening in our town. One time, I saw a man coming from a coffee shop and accidentally spilled his coffee on himself. I giggled a little at the sight, thinking of when that happened to my dad.
My best friend Hannah lived next to me, and I always had someone to play with. Brian had homework all the time, and he needed to learn how to drive. Kate wanted to play with her dolls, or she had ballet classes. Yup. That’s how it is being the middle child, stuck with nothing to do except play with Hannah.
All that ended when one day, I was looking out my window, and I saw a few important looking people in front of Hannah’s house, talking to her parents. Hannah was hiding behind her parents, rocking back and forth. Her hands were clasped together hiding behind her back.
I decided to investigate! I pulled on my bright yellow coat, shiny black shoes, and my red cap. I took an oreo cookie from a jar, passing Brian and Katie.
“I’m going out, mom!” I called. “Ok!”
I stepped out the side door. “Hey Hannah! Wanna play?” I yelled.
“I’m going somewhere,” Hannah said.
“What about tomorrow?” I asked.
“That’s going to be a problem because - I’m moving.”
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