Dear Duke
Eternal Love
If there was anyone in this world who understood me, it would be Duke.
Duke, ah, he is an amazing friend. I am sure you have never had one like him. He is tall, handsome, and drools all over me. A golden little charmer this dog is. His nose is black as a raven in midnight’s blanket. I hug him, everyday, because he is the only one who will listen.
Duke, handsome he is, but also has great sense. He can smell a turkey far miles away from our peeling red house, and I just love how his little nose twitches as I rub his stomach.
What do I know about Duke?
He is a great friend.
A pack leader.
The alpha dog.
And he will forever stay that way in my heart, even when he rises to the sun. He will forever be blanketed in my gracious hug. Happy to have him, eternally with him.
Much happier, in the light, he may be. I am always holding what I have left of him, a tuft of his golden fur, close to my chest. I love him, love him always. Love is a gift, needed to be earned.
I earned that gift, as did he.
Rest in your grave, my Duke, and as long as you do I will forever love you.

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