What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
And There’s The Punchline
Leo caught up with me after school and grabbed my hand. He dragged me around the school until we were in one of the deserted places that some misfits eat lunch. Leo and I used to eat here. Now we aren’t misfits, we’re somewhere in the middle.
“You aren’t okay, so stop telling me that. Charlotte, please tell me whats wrong.” Leo says, his blue eyes pleading with me.
I laugh, although it’s really more of a sob.
“What?” Leo asks, confused.
“Are you really this blind? Can you really not see it?”
Leo looks shocked, and confused, and astounded. Why can’t he understand?
“I love you idiot!” I cry out, and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone else heard. “I have for years and you could never see it!” I’m crying now, tears streaming down my face. I’ve held this in so long.
“Do we have a string?” He asks. Why does that have to be what he asks.
I shake my head. “There’s the problem. My life is one huge joke and that’s the punchline!”
Leo is shocked, his blue eyes wide. What have I done. Have I just destroyed years of friendship? Have I lost him.
And then, so quickly I’m not even sure it happened, Leo kissed me. And promptly started running the other way.
I cried when I got home. I hate to admit it but I did. I was sitting in my room crying about a boy. I may have just ruined the best friendship of my life. I may have lost Leo for good. What if he hates me? Why did he kiss me? Why wont he answer my texts, and phone calls, and IMs? I have a million questions. And no answers.
My phone buzzes. I grab it and read it. To my disappointment it’s Ruby, I texted her and told her what I did right after I got home.
Are you okay? She asks.
No. I type back. And it’s the cold hard truth.
I’ll be there in ten. Ruby replies.
I smile. I am so glad I’ve got her, especially considering I may have just lost Leo.
We’ll figure it out.” Ruby says, putting a comforting hand on my should. We’re both sitting on my bed, me with my arms wrapped around me knees, and her trying her best to comfort me.
“I don’t know if we will.” I say.
My phone buzzes and I pick it up.
We need to talk. It’s Leo.
“Charlotte?” Ruby asks.
“It’s Leo, he wants to talk.” I say.
“Are you going to talk?” She asks.
I nod. “It can’t get much worse, can it?” I only half ask.
Ruby looks like she wants to point out that it probably could but she keeps her mouth shut.
When? I type back.
I’ll pick you up tonight. He replied.
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