What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Perfect’s Here But Doesn’t Stay
“So wait, you knew she liked me and you didn’t say anything?” Leo asks Ruby.
“Hey, don’t blame her, stupid.” I say, punching his shoulder lightly.
“Yeah, don’t blame me, lover boy.” Ruby agrees.
“Don’t call me lover boy.” Leo protests.
“Why not? You two are madly in love, aren’t you?” Ruby teases.
“Shut up.” I say, throwing a popcorn piece at her.
“Hey, you guys know it’s almost my birthday.” Ruby sing-songs.
“Uh yeah, crap... We don’t have anything planned.” Leo says, stumbling over his words.
I sigh and Ruby stifles a laugh.
“Surprise birthday party?” She asks, rolling her eyes.
I nod and glare a Leo.
“Well you have always been a terrible liar.” She sighs.
“Sorry.” Leo mumbles.
“Don’t worry about it,” Ruby shrugs. “Just make sure the cake is chocolate.” She grins.
“Consider it done!” Leo says, pulling out his phone and making a note.
My phone buzzes in my pocket and I grab it. It’s Riley, my fathers blushing bride to be. Riley is actually pretty awesome, it’s my dad who’s the problem. Is that weird? Liking your future step-mother more than you actual father? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I guess nothings normal in my life.
“Hello?” I ask, putting the phone to my ear.
“Hey Charlotte, so you want to come by my studio this afternoon? We can look through some of the magazines to find your dress, and I have a few pieces I want to show you.”
“Yeah, definitely! When should I come by?” I ask.
“3:00 work for you?” She asks.
“Sure, see you then.” I say, smiling.
“Okay, see you then, Charlotte.” She says.
“Who was that?” Leo asks.
“Oh right! Dang it, I almost forgot about that, when is it?” Ruby asks.
“Three days before Christmas.” I say.
“Well at least I’m going to have a date.” Ruby grins.
“Liam?” Leo asks.
“Right, I keep forgetting you knew about the strings for years before me. Did you guys ever go around playing matchmakers? Like at school dances and stuff?”
“A few times, I tried with you a few times but you were pretty stubborn.” I say.
“Yeah, shame you didn’t tell me sooner. Hey, who’s Miles’ soul mate? Or do you not know?” Ruby asks.
I glance at Leo who starts laughing so hard that he falls off Ruby’s bed.
“What?” Ruby asks in confusion.
“It’s Jason Rey...” I say, quietly.
“Oh, you are so kidding me!” Ruby says.
“Okay, you might be mad but lets not say anything you’ll regret.” Leo says, still laughing a bit.
“I’m not homophobic, I’m a very open and nice person, I mean I’m biracial so I’m not racist, and I’m certainly not sexist. It’s just for an entire year you let me date a guy you knew wasn’t my soul mate!” Ruby says, giggling.
“Yeah, sorry about that.” I say.
“You suddenly all those secret glances and stifled laughs make sense.” Ruby says, thoughtfully.
“You noticed?” Leo asks.
“You two weren’t as subtle as you thought you were.” Ruby laughs.
“We were very subtle, thank you very much.” Leo laughs.
“Yeah, we were.” I agree.
Ruby shakes her head, “no, you really weren’t.”
“Yeah, we really weren’t.” Leo and I agree.
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