What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
A Necklace or a Noose
I sling my blue backpack over my shoulder and start down the sidewalk. Riley has a studio near the beach, it’s a pretty cool place. On the eighth floor of a big brick building, big windows, and you can see the beach.
Riley comes from a rich family who weren’t too happy when she told them she wanted to be an artist instead of something like a lawyer or a doctor. But the thing about Riley is she rarely cares what others think.
“Hey, Charlotte!” Riley says, giving me a one handed hug.
“Hey, Riley.” I grin.
“So I need your help with the wedding. My parents are pushing for classic white, boring, dresses. Now I’m not boring, you know that.” Riley says, and I giggle. Riley is a lot of things, but boring is definitely not one of them. She has chin length curly red hair with a few bleached streaks framing her face, a small silver nose piercing, and a vast collection of bright, rainbow colored sundresses. Riley is colorful, crazy, and in no way boring.
“I take it you don’t want white dresses.” I laugh.
“You know me, kid. I don’t do boring.” Riley grins.
“So what were you thinking?” I ask, sitting down in the middle of the floor. Riley takes a seat next to me and sets down a stack of bridal magazines in front of us.
“I really like this one.” She says, pointing to a dress. It’s navy blue, long and flowing, with a lacy blue train.
“Pretty.” I say.
“But not a fleck of white in sight.” Riley says. “Needless to say my mother disagrees, but I think we can get her to agree. See all you have to do is help me with a little act.”
“Are you going to suggest that I pretend to be really crazy into this wedding and insist on certain things, and use my dad getting remarried for leverage?” I ask, an almost evil grin playing on my lips.
“Great minds think alike, my dear!” Riley laughs. “You in?”
“Totally!” I laugh. “So what’s that art piece you were talking about?” I ask, standing up.
“Oh yes.” Riley grins. “Close your eyes.” She says.
“Why?” I ask curiously.
“Just do it.” Riley says.
I close my eyes and resist the urge to peek.
“Now it’s not my strong suit but I had an idea in my head and I decided to go with it. And it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.” Riley says. I hear a cupboard open and close, and I hear the soft clinking of metal.
“Open.” Riley says.
I open my eyes and blink. Riley is holding out a necklace made of twisted silver wire, multicolored stones wound into the wire.
“Oh no, do you not like it?” Riley asks when I say nothing after a few moments.
“No!” I say, quickly. “I love it, it’s beautiful!” I grin.
Riley lets out a sigh of relief. “Thank god, I thought you hated it for a second.” She laughs.
“I love it.” I smile. But there’s a feeling tugging in the back of my mind, one I can’t quite place, but one I don’t like.

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