What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Promises That Can’t be Kept
I open my eyes and the pain is almost unbearable. I just want it to stop, I would give anything for it to stop.
“You’ve been in an accident, can you tell me your name?” A paramedic asks, as she helps the others life me onto a gurney. I’m tied down to a board and theirs a collar around my neck and I can’t turn to look at her. I also can’t turn a way from the wreckage.
A car lies half on the sidewalk half on the road. The front is smashed in and the windshield has been shattered. More glass lays on the ground from the store front the car seems to have crashed into. The sidewalk where Leo and I had been standing not long ago is covered in glass and blood.
Then I catch sight of the other car. It’s not as bad as the first car, a bunch of big dents, a flat tire, and smoke curling off it. It’s the fact that I recognize the car that terrifies me. It’s Liam’s car. And Ruby and Liam are nowhere to be seen.
I begin to feel dizzy, the sirens are so loud, I have a headache.
“Can you tell me your name, sweetheart?” The paramedic asks again.
“Char.” I say, because that’s what Leo calls me. Where is Leo? “Charlotte Cassidy, my name is Charlotte Cassidy.” I say.
“Okay Charlotte, you’re going to be just fine.” The paramedic promises. I don’t think people should make promises they can’t keep.
“Where’s Leo, he’s tall, dark hair, blue eyes.” I say.
“He was already taken to the hospital, that’s where we’re going to take you now, okay?” The nice paramedic says. She’s pretty young, probably twenty-five. Her dark hair is pulled back in a ponytail and her dark eyes are sharp, and smart. She reminds me a little bit of Ruby.
“Do you know where Ruby is? She looks kinda like you, she was in one of the cars, with a boy, named Liam.” I say.
“They’ve already been taken to the hospital.” The paramedic reassures me.
“Can you tell me about your friends? Do you know their blood types, any family history?” The paramedic asks.
“Leo’s blood type is B-, I don’t know Ruby’s or Liam’s, I only know his because I tease him about it, you know, be negative.” I say, and I know I’m rambling.
“Okay do you know anything else?” The paramedic asks, kindly.
“Ruby’s dad has surgery once and he had an allergic reaction to latex.” I say.
“Good, good, that’s really helpful!” The paramedic says, nodding at another paramedic who writes it down.
“Okay, we’re going to the hospital now.” The paramedic says, they life me into the ambulance and shut the door.
“How do you feel Charlotte?” The paramedic asks, her dark eyes filled with concern.
“Dizzy.” I say.
“Her BP is kinda low.” One paramedic confirms. “110/74”
“Is that bad?” I ask.
“It’s probably injury related, but you’re not hypotensive so that’s good.” The paramedic says.
The ambulance stops and the doors open. The take me out and start wheeling me into the hospital.
“Her BP is kinda low, she had an episode of tachycardia in the field but she’s stable for now. Minor scalp lac but she hasn’t bled through the bandages which is good.” She directs that last bit at me and I smile gratefully, I’m so scared, it’s nice to have someone explaining things.
“Let’s get her to the trauma bay and start her work up.” One doctor says, they wheel me into a room with several doctors and nurses.
“Hi there, what’s your name?” A nice seeming doctor asks.
“Charlotte, Charlotte Cassidy.” I say.
“Do you go by Charlie?” He asks.
“No,” I say. “My friends call me Char sometimes.”
“Well then, Char. How are you feeling?” He asks.
“Freaked out.” I say.
“Can we get an update on her friends? They came in before her.” He says to another doctor who nods and exits the room.
“Oh my god, Charlotte.” A voice says, my mother.
“Mom!” I say, a sob catching in my throat.
“Oh god, are you okay?” She asks.
“She seems to be alright Mrs. Cassidy, we’ll get a CT just to make sure but she’s checking out alright for now.” The doctor says, smiling at my mother.
“The boy, Leo, is being taken up to CT. The other girl Mari is stable and being taken to surgery for internal bleeding.” Mari Weathers must’ve been in the other car, I don’t know her we’ll but I know who she is.
“The girl Ruby is stable and being taken to surgery for her leg. The boy Marcus is stable with a minor head lac and being taken up to CT. And the other boy, Liam is heading to surgery for a minor brain bleed.” The doctor who had left the room a minute ago says, reappearing in the doorway.
“Oh god, Leo and Ruby?” My mother says. Then, taking a deep breath she tries to calm herself. “I’m going to go call their parents.” She says. “I’ll be right back.”
“Are they going to be alright? My friends?” I ask the doctor.
“They’re with amazing doctors, I promise, we’ve got the best doctors here.” He says.
People really shouldn’t make promises that can’t be kept.

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