What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Critical Condition
“Liam is stable and will hopefully be awake soon.” Doctor Willis says. “Leo is out of surgery but in in critical condition, we’ll be taking him back to surgery as soon as he’s stable enough.”
A sob catches in my throat and a few tears creep out of my eyes. Leo. Leo, Leo, Leo.
Doctor Willis gives us all a regretful nod and leaves the room. Ruby lets out a sigh of relief that’s half sigh half strangled sob.
“Liam’s alright.” She whispers, mostly to herself. “But Leo.”
“Leo.” I say in agreement.
My mom stands up and gives me a hug.
“It’s gonna be alright.” She says, kissing my forehead.
Before I can say anything my mother is standing up, and then... Then she’s falling.
“Mom!” I shout.
Ruby turns around in her bed and presses the nurses button until several people run in. When they see my mother collapsed on the floor, and me kneeling beside her, they push my aside and start working.
“Somebody get a gurney in here.” One shouts. A gurney is wheeled in and my mother is lifted onto it, and then before I know it, she’s being wheeled away.
“Char...” Ruby says, carefully.
“Oh my god.” I whisper.
“What happened?” I ask as doctor Willis walks in.
“She fainted, it was because of her pregnancy, she’s going to be just fine. She just has low blood pressure and she became momentarily hypotensive and collapsed, but she’s going to be just fine.” Doctor Willis says.
“Pregnancy!” I ask in shock.
“Oh no... You didn’t know did you.” Doctor Willis says.
I shake my head slowly, in shock.
“She’s pregnant?” I ask, still shocked.
Doctor Willis nods slowly and sheepishly. “I’m sorry, I figured you knew.” She says.
“If you hadn’t told me I would still be worrying my head off, thank you.” I say.
“It’s true, she worries a lot.” Ruby agrees.
“Well, it’s a girl, she’s not far along but yeah...” Doctor Willis says, giving Ruby and I a sheepish smile.
“Can I see Leo?” I ask, I need to see him, I need to be with him.
Doctor Willis shakes her head apologetically. “I’m sorry, he’s too unstable.” She says.
“How about Liam?” I ask, thinking of Ruby.
Doctor Willis nods, “I’ll go get you two wheelchairs.” She says, stepping out of the room.
“Thank you.” Ruby says, smiling. “And you heard her right? Your mom is going to be fine.”
“Yeah I heard her.” I say, nodding. “I also heard the bit of her being pregnant.” I say, still pretty shocked. “Did you catch that bit?” I ask.
Ruby laughs, “yeah, I caught that.” She says. “You’re gonna have a baby sister.” She says.
“I am...” I say, still trying to wrap my head around it.
“You girls ready?” Doctor Willis asks, walking back in with a nurse and two wheelchairs.
“Yup.” We chorus.
“Hey.” Liam says when we walk in.
“Hey.” Ruby and I say.
Liam has a bandage wrapped around his head and his dark hair is matted with what appears to be dried blood. He seems tired but his dark eyes are alert and bright.
“How do you feel?” I ask.
“Crappy, my head hurts a lot and the narcotics they give make me feel sluggish.” He says.
“Complain much?” Ruby asks, but she’s smiling.
“You know me.” He grins, giving her a kiss.
“Ugh, kill the love, it’s blinding me!” I say, pretending to gag and throwing my hands over my eyes in mock horror.
Ruby and Liam laughs.
“So her mom just passed out, turns out it’s because she’s pregnant.” Ruby tells Liam.
“Wait, what?” Liam asks in shock. “You’re going to have a sibling?” He asks.
“A sister.” I say.
“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” He asks.
“I don’t really know yet.” I say.
“Then lets pretend it’s a good thing, just for now. You could do with some being happy.” Ruby says.
I nod in agreement. “For now.” I say. But I’m not sure how much I like the idea. There’s just so much pretending in my life. Too much.
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