What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Smile, the worst is yet to come
“Okay, so everything looks good with you we’re going to discharge you today.” Doctor Willis says, smiling at me.
“Not that she’s actually going to leave the hospital.” Ruby points out.
Ruby, as it turns out, had a hemorrhage in her brain stem. They drilled a hold in the back of her head and got rid of the blood, apparently it was easy. Ruby now has a bandaged wrapped around her head like a headband. The doctors may have said it was easy but I still found it incredibly terrifying. Liam had nearly cried when I told him that Ruby was alright, he and Ruby are the kind of couple that makes me doubt my doubt about love.
“That’s true, the only thing that’s changing is that you don’t get a bed anymore.” Doctor Willis laughs. “Oh and we’re keeping your mother another night so we’ve called your father and someone is coming down to get you.” She smiles and leaves the room.
“It’s probably Riley and not your dad.” Ruby says. “Forget I said that, I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.” She says.
“I don’t know either.” I sigh.
“At least it’s Riley.” Ruby says.
“True.” I agree.
Half and hour later Riley walks into the room. Her red hair is wind blown and her dark eyes worried but bright all the same.
“Hey!” She says, walking over and giving me a hug.
“Hey.” I smile.
“I brought real clothes.” She says, smiling.
“Oh thank god!” I say. “I am so tired of this freaking hospital gown, it’s really uncomfortable.” I laugh.
“Go change.” Riley laughs, handing me a plastic bag of clothes.
I walk into the bathroom and change into the jeans, tank top, and sneakers, Riley brought me.
“So you want to stay around here for a little while?” Riley asks.
“You read minds.” I say, laughing.
“I figured.” Riley laughs. “And just a heads up my parents are in town.”
“Well then I guess we can start with the plan.” I say, smiling.
“What plan?” Ruby asks.
“I’m going to pretend to be bridesmaid-zilla so that her parents don’t paint everything on the venue white.” I say, smiling a mock wicked smile.
“Nice!” Ruby says, grinning.
“Okay. So, you two hungry?” Riley asks.
“Very.” Ruby says.
“Okay, hows Chinese sound? I’m guessing you two are pretty tired of hospital food.”
“You are a saint.” Ruby says with mock admiration.
Riley laughs and stands up. “I’ll see you two in twenty.” She says, picking up her tie-dye purse and walking out of the room.
“How long are they keeping you here?” I ask.
“A week.” Ruby groans. “It’s going to be deadly boring.” She sighs.
“At least I’ll be here, your very very best friend.” I sing-song.
Ruby laughs. “And Liam.” She says. “And Leo, because he’ll be okay soon.” She says, giving me a look.
I nod halfheartedly. “He has to be.”
Ruby smiles weakly. “That’s the attitude.” She says.
“I swear to god if you ever say that again I’ll probably hit you.” I say.
“Right, no cheerful stuff, not right now at least.” Ruby says, nodding.
A nurse sticks her head in and smiles at me. “Charlotte Cassidy?” She asks.
“Yes?” I ask, confused.
“Leo Knox is asking for you.”
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