What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Maybe it’ll be Okay
“So they’re keeping you longer?” I ask my mother over the phone.
“Yeah, but you don’t need to worry. Everything’s fine, I promise.” She says, and I can imagine her smiling comfortingly, lying in an uncomfortable hospital bed.
“Dinner!” Riley calls from downstairs.
“I gotta go mom.” I say.
“Okay, and remember, it’s only one week.” She says.
“Yeah it’s just that that means one week not sleeping in my own bed.” I say.
“You know Sam would take care of you, it’s just that your dad wants your opinion on the wedding. Riley really isn’t that bad, you’ll survive a week.”
“It’s not Riley I’m worried about.” I say, quietly. “Riley’s great, Riley’s awesome, it’s dad.”
“He tries, Charlotte.” My mom reasons.
“Not hard enough.” I sigh.
There’s a knock on my door, “I really have to go, mom. Bye.”
“Bye, sweetie.” She says.
My door opens and Riley sticks her head in. “Okay, so I would’ve given you a heads up but I didn’t even know so don’t hate me.” She says, smiling sheepishly.
“What?” I ask, confused.
“My parents are here for dinner.” She says, still smiling weakly.
“As in my future grandparents?” I ask.
“Yeah.” She says, nodding a little bit.
“Well then,” I say, smiling mischievously. “I guess we better put the plan into action.” I say.
Riley grins. “I’ll grab the magazines.” She says.
“And I’ll muster up all the bridesmaid-zilla I can.” I grin back.
Riley and I walk into the dining room and I get my first look at my future grandparents. My to-be grandfather sits military straight in his seat. He has greying dark hair and eyes that I could swear are black.
My to-be grandmother sits just as ramrod straight as my to-be grandfather. Her hair is red, same color as Riley’s, but her eyes are a cool, icy grey.
“You must be Charlotte.” She says, smiling.
“Yes, I am.” I say, doing my best to sound slightly stuck up and haughty.
We all sit down and start eating, my father is “chatting” with my to-be grandfather, although I wouldn’t really call it chatting seeing as it was more like polite arguing about politics in the Middle East.
“So, Riley.” My to-be grandmother says, leaning forward in her seat slightly. “I have a few ideas for the wedding.”
Riley gives me a look and I nod.
“Yes, actually Charlotte has some ideas and opinions as well.” She says, in a tone that clearly says we need to be careful with this girl.
“Oh?” My to-be grandmother asks.
I nod. Picking up the bridal magazine that I know holds the picture of the wedding dress Riley showed me I gather up all my nerve and say, “I was thinking navy, navy is really in right now if you get my drift.” I say, doing my best not to laugh at my own words, never in my life have I said “get my drift”.
I flip the magazine open to the picture of the dress and show my to-be grandmother. “Also I was thinking that the dull navy would work really well with Riley’s hair. Plus, white would drain her, don’t you think?” I ask, although it’s not really a question so much as a statement.
My to-be grandmother nods and I continue. “I was also thinking that for the other color we could do green. Not lime green of course because that would just look horrible, but a dark, kind of forest green. That way the flowers could really pop!” I say, doing a little bounce in my seat when I say “pop”.
“The flowers?” My to-be grandmother asks, wearily.
I nod. “They could be red roses and yellow daisies!” I say, as if it’s the best idea since books.
“Oh could they?” She asks.
“Yes,” Riley says, in a tone suggesting that I might blow up at any given moment. “As you can see Charlotte has a lot planned for the wedding.” She says, still in the same tone.
“Yeah, well I was just so heartbroken when my parents broke up, it was like love didn’t even exist!” I say. “But now I get to help plan a wedding? I mean what’s better than that!” I squeal.
“I have no earthly idea.” My to-be grandmother says, dully.
I continue explaining all my ideas as we eat. Then, my dad offers to clean up dinner and my to-be grandparents disappear off into the living room to watch TV. Riley and I make our way outside and start laughing the second we get out of the house.
“Oh my god, Charlotte that was incredible!” Riley grins.
“I’ve never felt like a bigger idiot!” I laugh.
“Well you sold it, that’s for sure! Have you ever considered an acting career?” She laughs.
“Maybe this’ll turn out alright.” I say, taking a deep breath and letting it go.
“Yeah, Charlotte.” Riley says in agreement. “Maybe it will.”
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