What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Halloween Plans
“Okay so the library is over there, the gym is right there, and the pools are that way.” I say, pointing the various directions, eager to get this over with.
“In a hurry to get somewhere?” August asks, smiling.
“Something like that.” I mutter. “Anyways I have to get to lunch, you confident you wont get lost?” I ask, August.
“Um, sure.” He says, and I’m walking away before he’s even finished his sentence.
I hurry down the hall. When I get into the cafeteria I walk over to the table that Leo and I normally sit at. He and our other friend are already sitting there.
“Hey, Char.” He says.
“Char?” Ruby Griffith, our other friend asks.
“My new Charlotte approved nickname for her.” Leo explains.
Ruby nods and scans the crowded cafeteria. “That the new guy everyone’s talking about?” She asks, looking over at August, who’s talking to Grace Lynch. I shiver, Leo’s soul mate...
“August Clancy.” Leo says. “Man, he’s already hanging out with the popular group? It’s only his first day, how?” Leo remarks in slight astonishment.
“Because he’s hot, stupid.” Ruby says matter-of-factly.
“So have you decided what you’re going as for Halloween?” I ask Ruby, remembering that she’s been having trouble deciding, and desperate to change the subject from Augusts ‘hotness’.
“Miles and I have pretty much decided for sure, he still seems a little unsure.” Ruby says. “How about you two? What’s the costume this year?”
Ever since we were little Leo and I have dressed in costumes that have two parts. I wanted to stop doing it a few years ago because it seemed so childish, but Leo insisted that we continue out little tradition.
“Well Char is pushing for Mario and Luigi but I want to go as the Doctor and the TARDIS.” Leo says.
“I told you, I like the doctor idea but come on, Mario and Luigi.” I say.
“What about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.” Ruby asks.
“We did that in seventh grade.” Leo says.
“I was Sherlock.” I say proudly, there had been a big argument over that.
“She won the coin flip, just for the record.” Leo says.
“Miles and I are going as a couple from a Chinese legend where soul mates have a string from one pinky finger to another, and the string and twist, and tangle, and stretch, but never break.” Ruby says.
Leo and I share a look, I can tell he’s trying not to laugh at the coincidence, and a hell of a coincidence it is at that. Miles is Ruby’s boyfriend, he’s also got a string from his heart to another guy’s. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to tell Ruby that maybe they just aren’t meant to be. But it seems a little hypocritical doesn’t it? I mean I’m determined not to fall in love with my soul mate.
“Cute.” I say.
“Yeah, adorable!” Leo says, just a little to enthusiastically, I shoot him a look and he stifles a laugh, so I kick him under the table. He winces in pain but keeps his mouth shut.
“How about Thing One and Thing Two?” Ruby asks.
“Did that when we were six.” I say.
“I was Thing Two...” Leo sighs.
“I was Thing One.” I say, happily.
“She’ll never let me forget.” Leo says.
“Oh the potty humor of a six year old.” I say, grinning.
The bell rings, back to reality when I’d much rather stay in my little bubble.
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