What’s stronger? True love, or soulmates?
Strings (n.) Life ruiner’s
Oh yeah, I understand, no worries. This was Liam’s response when I told him I actually have to take my heartbroken friend to the dance instead of him.
Like I said, he’s an incredibly nice guy. Which kinda makes me feel like a terrible human being.
I turn to my mirror and examine myself. I’m wearing a blue TARDIS dress, black boots, and a necklace that says something in Gallifreyan, I love you. Leo gave it to me, I was elated. My dirty blonde hair hangs in curls down my back, and my brown eyes are happy.
I snap a picture of my outfit and send it to Leo. A minute later he sends me a picture of his costume. He’s wearing a tweed jacket, slacks, a bow tie, and a little red fez. I grin, he looks great.
See you at the dance. I text.
See ya there :) Leo responded.
The gym has been decorated in the classically cliche way it is every dance. Streamers, lights, food, balloons, music. Done. That’s pretty much the formula for a high school dance. Well, just through in a little anxiety, bad dancing, and hopeless love.
When I push my way into the gym I scan the hoards of people for Leo and Ruby. I find them, and a little unwanted surprise. Cadence Thompson.
Now don’t get me wrong, Cadence is actually a really nice girl. She writes for the school paper, she sticks up for herself, gets perfect grades, and is popular. This issue is that she’s just a little too perfect, if that’s actually possible.
“Hi, Charlotte!” Cadence says when she sees me. She’s dressed as a witch, her short dark hair streaked with orange temporary dye.
“Oh I love this song!” She says, grabbing Leo’s arm.
Leo looks surprised but he doesn’t bother saying anything, and they’re whisked away into the crowd of dancing people.
“Don’t worry.” Ruby says, putting a hand on my arm. “Remember, you and Leo are like meant to be.”
Those words are like a knife through my chest. ‘Meant to be.’ Nobody should be meant to be, there should be no soul mates. Everyone just loves to think they have someone out there in the world meant for them, but once you live your entire life being able to know that, they kinda suck. I mean knowing that my soul mate is a guy I definitely don’t want to love, and the person I do in fact love is my best friend who’s clueless, I’ll probably end up the crazy old lady with a million cats. Except I’m allergic to cats, maybe I’ll get bunnies instead, I like bunnies.
“Thanks, Ruby.” I say.
“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times, but you could just tell him you like him.” Ruby says.
“No, I can’t.” I say, oh if only she knew.
“Why not?” Ruby asks. For the millionth time I wonder if I should just tell her, but she’s not Leo. What if she says I’m insane, what if she tells someone. But I know she wouldn’t, there’s something else holding me back. For years it’s been me and Leo’s not-so-little-secret.
Ruby sighs, this has been my answer every other time she’s asked me.
“Hi there.” A voice says.
August stands behind us, his blond hair combed back nicely, he was dressed as a vampire, clad in black.
“I’m gonna go find someone to dance with.” Ruby says, giving me a smile and nodding her head subtly at August, she thinks he likes me. Then again, he is my ‘soul mate’, he might.
“So, you wanna dance?” August asks.
“I don’t dance.” I say, quickly. Even though this isn’t true at all, but if I have to I’ll give up dancing entirely, if it means August will go away.
“Oh come on, dance with the friendless new kid, please?” He asks, making mock puppy dog eyes.
“I think you’re just about anything but friendless.” I say, thinking of him with the popular kids earlier this afternoon.
“Please?” He asks, green eyes bright.
“Why me? Just go ask someone else to dance, looks like you’ve got the pick of the crowd.” I say, looking at the group of girls behind August, all eagerly watching August.
“Because you’re beautiful.” August says simply. And with that he grabs my hand and drags me into the crowd.
The dance floor is warm with the heat of sweaty, dancing people. The music pounds in my ears, resonating in my bones, rebuilding my heart of dust. The beat is unrecognizable, I don’t know the singer or song title but somehow it doesn’t matter. I’ve been dragged into an alternate universe, music plays from my heart, from everyone’s hearts, from August’s heart. The words the singer sings make no sense, they’re impossible to hear much less understand, but it couldn’t matter less. This universe could go one for ever, although I’m not quite sure it’s another universe. I think it’s the start of one though, like the big bang that made earth, this is that. This is the start of something new.
How has the song not stopped yet? Why don’t I care? I can only have a few reasonable thoughts before I’m dragged back to the big bang, the start of the new world, the start of this universe, the start of my universe. I can only have a few thoughts before August presses his lips to mine.
The entire world comes to a halt. No one and nothing is moving except August and I. The other world doesn’t exist any more. The one I call life, the one full of music, they’re gone. This is all that exists, this moment. And only a moment it is at that, the kiss lasts barely a moment. But it happened. And it changed everything.

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