The Mystery Of Studio
I hyperventilated as the walls closed in. My heart palpitated. I heard an unearthly wail. I cocked my head to one side, listening for the source of the sound, unaware of the panic and my demise closing in on both sides. Silence. Well, not really. But silence if you excluded the low rumble of the moving mechanisms. I face-palmed as I thought back to when I was a novice horologist. I was so unknowledgeable and vulnerable. I had actually believed them. Now, my mistake had triggered the torture that awaited me. ‘Crushed by a pair of ridiculously repulsive walls. What a great way to die’ I sucked in my chest, but in vain. My body felt limp and crumpled. The walls crushed me. I screamed out in agony. No one could help me.
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