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I sat in math class and stared at the clock. Five minutes until the bell would ring. In ‘bored student time’ that meant about 20 minutes. I could shave a few minutes off of that if I could take my eyes off the clock. That didn’t seem possible, though. I was totally excited and nervous. I was nervited. So much so that I might be sick. No, no time for that.
What would I say to Justice?
Should I just give him a quick tour?
What if I forget my way around with him next to me?
Would it be lame to show him the library?
I’m such a book nerd. What if he doesn’t like that? Maybe he likes the cheerleader type or sporty girls. I can rock climb and run track pretty well...
The bell finally rang! I hurried through the crowd to my locker. I didn’t see Justice. I opened my locker and made sure I had what I needed for my next class. Maybe he would be in my next class. My knees felt weak. I grabbed one of my reading books. I leaned against my locker and read a few pages.
“Hey!” Said a voice behind me.
I turned and was face to face with Him. OMG he has the most beautiful deep brown eyes.
“How about that tour?” He asked.
“Hmm?” I said. “Oh yeah, the tour.”
“I have science next with Mr.Solomon, room 43,” Justice read aloud from his schedule.
My heart sank. I had language arts next period. “Cool. Well, this is one of three locker halls. The most important one.”
“Why?” He asked.
“Because our lockers are here,” I said blushing.
“Oh yeah,” he said.
“So, if we head down the hall this way and take a right, that is where all the science classrooms are. Let’s take a left though past the main lobby. Over there is the main office. The second door is the attendance office. The third door goes into the nurses office...”
“This school has a lot of offices,” Justice said. He sounded bored.
I had to do something. What would he find interesting? Oh, please don’t let him hate me.
“Did they give you a class assignment book?” I asked.
“Uh, yeah,,,” He reached into his backpack and pulled it out. I put my hand on it to flip it over to the back. Our hands touched and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
“So, this is the map of the school. I’m not sure what classes you are in and I don’t want to bore you with a long detailed tour. I could just show you some main areas like the library, cafetaria, auditorium, and gym.” I suggested.
“Okay. I’m not bored, though. Just a little overwhelmed. Does the school have a decent library?” Justice asked.
“Yes! I mean, yeah. It is pretty decent. I’ll take you there first.” I said.
“Thank you. You are really nice to show me around, Camilla.” He said. He smiled at me.
I smiled back. I swear I have never loved hearing my name so much until Justice said it out loud.
“Don’t faint, don’t faint, don’t faint...” I repeated over and over to myself in my head while trying to remember to breathe and walk.
“Here we are,” I said. I opened the door and he put his hand on the door above mine to hold it open.
“After you,” Justice said.
“Thank you,” I said. I lead him into my favorite place in the whole school, the library.
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