What happens when you wander beyond a dream?
Prologue: Truth in Everything
“Tales and legends are often backed by fact and truth. Some may sound like complete fiction, but those are possibly more truthful than the ones you call reality. Sometimes that is determined solely by what you believe” ̶ Anonymous
Long ago, dreams were commonly thought to carry a message, either from the Past, Present, or Future. Usually, these dreams were lessons to learn, or perhaps warnings of events to come. But sometimes, the dreamer would wander past the dream, and into another realm entirely, experiencing events as if they were truly present. The first dreamers called it the Realm of Stars. The events from this alternate reality are not from the Past, Present, or Future, but from a place without time. A dreamer might say that their experiences are even more vivid and real in this alternate reality than the waking world. People that visit this realm use a separate form entirely, one that is not Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Spiritual.
Before the first Civilization, two great leaders were chosen to depart the waking world for the Realm of Stars in an eternal slumber. They will never wake until a great danger threatens to destroy both realms and return the universe to darkness for all of time. These leaders, brother and sister, have appeared in dreams many times to shape destiny and fate here in our world, but have never awakened. Until now... ⁓ ⚝

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Chapter 2

“And If I Die Before I Wake...” (Carter)

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